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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Kieru


Today’s Greenlight standout is Kieru, a first-person multiplayer stealth game developed by Pine Fire Studios. Pine Fire Studios was formed by a group of friends who often worked together on prototypes for Game Jams. Their favorite creation was a game that they described as “a mix of Samurai Jack and Quentin Tarantino movies. This game went on to become what ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Izle


Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Izle, a game by Ynnis Interactive. The standout feature of this game was the claim that you can create your own world. I immediately became interesting in learning more about what Izle had to offer upon reading this, mainly because I am always a fan of being able to create a customize your own game ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Yasai Ninja


Today’s Greenlight submissions were a no-go, so I decided to revisit something that caught my eye from yesterday’s submissions. Yasai Ninja stood out to me because of its unique theme and art style. Ninja vegetables is something that I’ve not seen before in a game, and I always applaud innovation in any way when it comes to game development. Unfortunately, ...

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First Impressions: Exanima


With the recent Greenlight success of Exanima, I thought it appropriate to give my copy a try and write up my impressions of the game thus far. For those who are unaware, Exanima is being developed by Bare Mettle Entertainment and is an isometric action-RPG with roguelike elements. It is a prelude to Bare Mettle’s larger project, Sui Generis, which ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Star-Bored


Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Star-Bored, a darkly comedic strategy game set in the far future. In Star-Bored, you take on the role of the Chief Auditor of the Bureaucratic Imperium, and you are tasked with eliminating galactic terrorists while also managing the duties of a typical bureaucrat and exploring the galaxy. The first thing that stood out to me ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Red Awakening


Today’s Greenlight standout was Red Awakening. a multiplayer action/stealth game in an 80’s style, neon-drenched environment. Red Awakening features stealth gameplay, a movement system that includes parkour, and a creepy synth soundtrack, which couple to create a tense and unsettling experience. The focus of the gameplay is on stealth, which is brought on by the uncertainty of your environment. Red ...

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Sparkle 2 Looking to Release on Steam


*Disclaimer: The screenshots shown may not be from the PC version of the game, so expect higher resolution graphics in the Steam release* Sparkle 2 is a game that was originally released on the PS4 on May 20th of 2014. Any fans of games such as Zuma’s Revenge should see an instant similarity between the two. After getting my hands ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: The Lost Valley


Today’s Greenlight spotlight shines on The Lost Valley, an atmospheric exploration game. Obviously the high-quality visuals were a major draw to me, but I was curious to find out if there was more under the hood, or if the game was just a pretty shell. Let’s begin by getting the obvious comparison to the Vanishing of Ethan Carter out of the ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Street Fist 2

street fist 2

Today’s Greenlight standout was very hard to choose. There were some great looking games such as Zheroes and The Lost Valley, but there was just something about Street Fist 2 that really stood out to me. With an art style reminiscent to Freedom Force or even older titles such as Comix Zone, Street Fist 2 attempts to create an interesting visual experience. Beat-em-ups, ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Boss Monster


Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Boss Monster, a dungeon-building card game that is attempting to make the transition from physical board game to digital. Boss Monster tasks players with becoming the ultimate video game villain and attempting to build the most sadistic and diabolical dungeon that they can think up. The game gives you room cards, which you can then ...

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