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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Boss Monster

Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Boss Monster, a dungeon-building card game that is attempting to make the transition from physical board game to digital. Boss Monster tasks players with becoming the ultimate video game villain and attempting to build the most sadistic and diabolical dungeon that they can think up. The game gives you room cards, which you can then use on your turn to add to your dungeon. Much like Dungeon Keeper, you have to make sure to have enticing rooms that contain treasure and other loot to attract the heroes to your dungeon. If you just decide to build all traps and encounters, there will be no incentive for heroes to adventure into your dungeon.


Brotherwise Games successfully funded Boss Monster through Kickstarter in September of last year, where the game got funded 174%, earning them almost $150,000. Since then, they have been working towards the game’s digital release, which is planned for iOS, Android, and PC. Boss Monster would be quite welcome on a phone or tablet just as much as it would be on PC. I could definitely see it being played on the go because of its simple mechanics that lend themselves perfectly to touch controls.

Some of you who are fans of the paper version of Boss Monster may be curious as to whether or not it would be worth buying the digital release if you already own the game. Boss Monster’s digital release features four rooms, three brand new bosses, and a spell that takes full advantage of the digital format of the game. These cards affect treasure values and stats directly as you play and allow them to change. Other features of the digital version of Boss Monster include the ability to play against three AI opponents or human players, and access to all of the content available in the paper version, including hard to find cards.

With the popularity of games like Dungeon Keeper and, to a lesser extent, the Dungeons series, there is a high demand for games that allow you to play the part of the villain who tries to defeat the hero instead of the hero who tries to conquer the dungeon. Boss Monster allows you to do just that through its innovative and accessible card-based gameplay. It is now easier than it ever has been to play a round of Boss Monster with friends or on your own. If you are interested in having a look at Boss Monster, you can find it on Steam Greenlight, where you should leave a vote and some constructive feedback.

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