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BioWare Gives a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of New Mass Effect

In a Tweet yesterday, BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain gave a small glimpse into the making of the next Mass Effect game. Thain shared a photo showing the motion capture work and confirming that progress is well underway at TheCaptureLab in Vancouver, Canada. This will be for the fourth main game in the Mass Effect franchise- however, it will not add any new content to the Shepard trilogy that ended with Mass Effect 3 in 2012. It will instead start the series off on a new storyline.

Not much is yet known about the latest game in the Mass Effect series. It does not have an official title yet or any sort of official plot details. Chris Schlerf, the lead writer for Halo 4, is in charge of penning the script. BioWare has also said that the game will focus more on exploration with the return of the Mako, a vehicle that can be piloted on planetary surfaces. Apparently there will also be some sort of online component to the new game. What that online component will be and how it will be melded with the offline parts of the game is still a mystery. It is pretty certain however that the game will not be coming out this year, instead probably hitting shelves in the second quarter of 2016.

The picture shared by Thain itself, as you can see, does not provide many hints either. It’s hard enough to make our the actors in the first place, so all that can really be said for it is that it confirms yes, the game is happening. And, if you trust Thain, it’s “a very cool scene.”¬†BioWare will hopefully be releasing a few more details on the new Mass Effect at coming events such as E3. Previous Mass Effect games have come out for both Microsoft and Sony platforms, so it’s a relatively safe bet to say this one will do the same.

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