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Mass Effect 4 Details Leaked

Mass Effect 4 Concept Art / Facebook

Game leaker Shinobi602 has done it again. For those who don’t know him, he’s the guy who revealed the release date of The Order: 1886, the reveal of Battlefield: Hardline, and title for the next Halo. Like iDigitalTimes says, “He’s proven time and again to be a reliable source.” What did he do?  He may have unveiled details concerning the new Mass Effect 4. So what ...

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BioWare Gives a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of New Mass Effect

BioWare Mass Effect

In a Tweet yesterday, BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain gave a small glimpse into the making of the next Mass Effect game. Thain shared a photo showing the motion capture work and confirming that progress is well underway at TheCaptureLab in Vancouver, Canada. This will be for the fourth main game in the Mass Effect franchise- however, it will not ...

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Mass Effect 4 Will Not Be Influenced By The Success of Dragon Age: Inquisition

mass effect 4 official concept art

Released in Nov.  2014, Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition was a hugely successful project for the company, going on to become their biggest launch ever. Given the scale of that success, you’d expect the game might influence the design and planning of other games the company’s working on, including the currently in-development Mass Effect 4. Not so, according to Bioware. Right ...

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Mass Effect 4’s rumored 2020 release date is false


I’ve been surprised at the amount of news publications picking up on and panicking about Mass Effect 4’s supposed delay to 2020. The initial rumors began when a supposed 2020 release date was associated with Mass Effect 4 on Amazon France’s website. I get that people are hungry for news regarding the upcoming Mass Effect game, but let’s be serious ...

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Mass Effect 4 announcement inbound as Bioware is “pushing hard before the holidays”


The long awaited Mass Effect 4 trailer or some other important announcement regarding the game could arrive soon. Creative Director Mac Walters recently revealed that the upcoming title is “looking better every day” and that the ME team “is pushing hard before the holidays, and it shows.” This suggests that Bioware could be preparing to share some more details with us ...

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Mass Effect: Cheap and Pocket Sized Black Friday sale

Mass Effect: Cheap and Pocket Sized Black Friday sale

Mass Effect can now be yours for a mere $3.74 as a part of the massive Black Friday sale through EA Games. Gamers can grab up to 300 titles and DLC at massive discounts through Origin, EA’s digital distribution service. Have zero plans for the long weekend? You can also download the entire Mass Effect trilogy to your PC and save ...

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Mass Effect 4: Bioware confirms new alien species and reveals concept art depicting their worlds


Bioware gave fans a bunch of new Mass Effect 4 details earlier today during their N7 Day Developer Roundtable. While the company didn’t reveal anything major, I’m glad they were willing to talk about the game and share a little something regardless. We’re pretty much in the dark when in comes to the next installment in the franchise, so every little ...

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