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Mass Effect 4 announcement inbound as Bioware is "pushing hard before the holidays"

Mass Effect 4 announcement inbound as Bioware is “pushing hard before the holidays”

The long awaited Mass Effect 4 trailer or some other important announcement regarding the game could arrive soon. Creative Director Mac Walters recently revealed that the upcoming title is “looking better every day” and that the ME team “is pushing hard before the holidays, and it shows.” This suggests that Bioware could be preparing to share some more details with us in the near future. We probably won’t hear anything official by the end of the year, but early 2015 seems like a good time to reveal something. Ideally, we would like to finally see the Mass Effect 4 trailer and learn about the game’s real title but any other news would naturally be welcomed as well.

While Walters revealed that Bioware is burning the midnight oil in preparation for a possible announcement, another member of the ME shared a few details about the game’s size. Senior Development Director Chriss Wynn was recently heard saying that he is “copying the latest Mass Effect build to my computer to play. Windows is telling me “about 1 day” to copy it.” He also added that “there is a lot in there.” Given that Mass Effect 4 is still pretty early in development, the files are probably huge right not as they haven’t been compressed yet. However, Bioware did say that the fourth installment in the series will be the biggest one to date, so the size is most definitely related to the game’s massive world as well. Mass Effect 4 will be all about the exploration and will feature a plethora of new locations to discover and explore.

Bioware presented a few pieces of concept art last month in which some of these new locations are depicted. The company also announced that we should expect so see a few new races but no further details were given unfortunately. In fact, most of the major details like release date, main protagonist, story, timeline, and of course new races have not been announced as of yet. As mentioned, there’s no trailer yet either. Let’s hope that all this will change soon because I, for one, am dying to hear more about Mass Effect 4.

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