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Mass Effect Andromeda Lacks Season Pass

Season passes are something that is highly divisive among gamers. Some enjoy them, as it earns them all of the DLC for a game at a reduced price. Others sneer at the concept, seeing them as asking for money when a product hasn’t proven itself yet. For better or for worse, season passes have become a staple of the AAA ...

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Mass Effect Andromeda Resolutions

Appearance has been a part of the gaming debate for as long as there has been one. Older gamers will remember the bit wars of the 1990s, with Sega and Nintendo trying to outdo each other. Back then, graphics dominated the arguments for which console was better. Nowadays graphics aren’t as heavy touted, as things have gotten more complicated. Resolution ...

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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda is a game many people have been asking questions about. Mass Effect was a widely acclaimed and loved series, but Mass Effect 3 ended the original trilogy on a sour note. As such, Mass Effect Andromeda is seen by many as an attempt to wipe the slate clean. It is set around a massive sleeper ship traveling ...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda official launch postponed to 2017

Though originally planned for release in 2016, Mass Effect: Andromeda was delayed until publisher EA’s fourth fiscal quarter 2017 – meaning we could expect the game to drop somewhere between January and March. Originally reported by Destructoid, comics publisher Dark Horse seems to have inadvertently narrowed the release window down to March 21, 2017. On the US Amazon listing of their ...

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BioWare Gives a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of New Mass Effect

BioWare Mass Effect

In a Tweet yesterday, BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain gave a small glimpse into the making of the next Mass Effect game. Thain shared a photo showing the motion capture work and confirming that progress is well underway at TheCaptureLab in Vancouver, Canada. This will be for the fourth main game in the Mass Effect franchise- however, it will not ...

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Plans Unveiled for Updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic


A new post from senior producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic Bruce Maclean has laid out the first plans for further updates for the MMORPG from BioWare. The game already saw plenty of improvements last year with two expansions, a reworking of the class system where Disciplines replaced the old Skill Tree function, and continued regular story updates through ...

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Mass Effect 4 Will Not Be Influenced By The Success of Dragon Age: Inquisition

mass effect 4 official concept art

Released in Nov.  2014, Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition was a hugely successful project for the company, going on to become their biggest launch ever. Given the scale of that success, you’d expect the game might influence the design and planning of other games the company’s working on, including the currently in-development Mass Effect 4. Not so, according to Bioware. Right ...

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