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Mass Effect Andromeda Resolutions

Appearance has been a part of the gaming debate for as long as there has been one. Older gamers will remember the bit wars of the 1990s, with Sega and Nintendo trying to outdo each other. Back then, graphics dominated the arguments for which console was better. Nowadays graphics aren’t as heavy touted, as things have gotten more complicated. Resolution and frames-per-second have become even more heavily focused on than raw graphical power. This is the case for all major game releases, and Mass Effect Andromeda is no different. We’ve finally gotten word on what the resolutions will be for all versions of the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available on both the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 version of the game will run at 1080p while the Xbox One version will run at 900p. The PS4 Pro will utilize its more powerful hardware and will be able to run Mass Effect Andromeda at 1800p. The Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will run at 30 fps, with no word on the PS4 Pro. There is some speculation that cutscenes will be above 30 fps, but that has not yet been confirmed. There won’t be a framerate limit on the PC, something Bioware assures players due to less stable recent launches.

There is no word on how Mass Effect Andromeda will run on the Xbox One S. There may be more information on that in the coming days. Regardless of whether it does or not, it will most likely be comparable to the PS4 Pro. It has yet to be seen whether these resolution differences will have a huge impact on consumers. It’s possible players will gravitate to the PS4 version of Mass Effect Andromeda, or maybe the PC version. Once the game is out and the sales are in, we’ll find out.

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