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Samsung Galaxy S6 to potentially make use of UFS storage

With phones gaining more and more computing prowess and bigger screens, one of the main issues that phone developers are facing is the problem of battery life, and this may be an issue for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 5. Current technology only allows for a limited battery life, and not even Super AMOLED displays or battery saving ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6 – Big vs Bigger


Samsung is infamous for offering some of the biggest smartphones ever in the form of the Note series. The company gambled a bit when it released the first ‘phablet’ as it wasn’t sure if people would really be interested in such huge devices. Now we can safely say that the gamble paid off seeing as how the Note series is more popular ...

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Moto X (2014) vs Moto X – Ready for an upgrade?

Motorola’s presence at the IFA Trade Show certainly didn’t go unnoticed as the company launched no less than three highly anticipated devices. We knew beforehand that the Moto 360 would be there, but we weren’t completely sure about the smartphones. Rumors were saying that Motorola would release the Moto X+1 and Moto G2 at the event, but it turns out that ...

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Microsoft offers 15GB free and more with OneDrive overhaul

Microsoft announced today on its  OneDrive blog that it is completely revamping it’s OneDrive cloud storage options. In order to better compete with the likes of Google and Dropbox, Microsoft has changed up its entire OneDrive structure and pricing options, starting with a free 15GB just for signing up. That is more than double Microsoft’s previous offering of 7GB, and matches Google’s ...

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New Gmail interface looks like Google Plus

Leaks showed that Gmail is going through a major change in regards to the webmail client interface. Screenshots now show that Gmail interface changes almost completely, making it look more like Google Plus,  replacing the sidebar with a slide-in panel, moving the “compose” button to the bottom right corner and adding a new, smart feature: reminders.  This way, Gmail will work ...

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Sony’s 185TB Magnetic Tape – The storage device of the future

Many of us used magnetic tapes to record or listen to music on our cassette players. By today it became outdated with the invention of the optical data storage devices. Few of us know that tape drives were developed in the 1950’s for large data storage and are still in use today. The Large Hadron Collider still uses magnetic tapes for massive data storage. ...

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Xbox One to get external storage soon

The problem of limited storage space on the Xbox One is coming to an end soon it seems. Microsoft’s console has launched without support for external storage, but since demand for such a feature has been high, the Xbox One will be getting said support in the coming weeks. No exact release date for the change has been announced so ...

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