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Valve Allows Modders to Charge for their Creations

Valve has introduced a payment system for user-created mods in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, where the community can buy and sell content through Steam’s Workshop. Steam announced the change as a ” new way to support Workshop creators”, that will allow them to create “top quality items and amazing new experiences for your game.” The revenue split between the studios ...

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HTC Vive dev kit order now open for applications


The HTC Vive dev kit can now be ordered by developers for free as the applications page has now gone live. Be quick about applying for your free HTC Vive dev kit, as supply is limited according to the company, but you will be getting a neat little package in the mail this Spring, maybe even as early as Mother’s ...

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Steam Now Offering Refunds to EU Customers- With a Catch

Valve Steam

A new addition has recently been inserted into the Steam Subscriber Agreement pertaining to EU subscribers of the company.  The new policy allows for a no questions asked refund for digitally purchased goods and games bought from Steam for up to fourteen days after the original purchase. However, EU customers should make sure to take note of the catch. The ...

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TinyBuild Releases First Divide By Sheep Trailer

tinyBuild Games logo

TinyBuild Games has released the first trailer for their latest title, Divide By Sheep. This math-based puzzle challenges players to deliver the correct number of sheep by bouncing them across a pond and cutting them in half when necessary. This hilariously gruesome game won’t just feature the cute little sheep. Players will have to contend with wolves, bounce pigs out of the way ...

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Steam Client Beta brings an improved content UI


Updating to the Beta version of Valve’s client is always a Russian roulette, as things can get broken or radically changed resulting in the way too familiar feeling of frustration and confusion that switching to unfamiliar software always brings. The latest beta version has, though, a pleasant surprise in store for all testers. Valve has been working on a new ...

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Dota 2 gets its first update of the year

Valve just announced the first update of 2015 for their highly popular massive online battle arena, Dota 2. While the last couple of updates for the game have been quite substantial, this particular one is very small and brings only a few changes to the table. First off, the company says that normal All Pick matches will use the same alternating ...

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Steam Concurrent Users Pass 8.5 Million

Steam breaks new record with concurrent users and continues to publish lots of not so great games

Steam reached 8.5 million concurrent users on January 2, 2015. At about 11:10am on that day, Steam stats page reports that 8,500,345 concurrent users were logged in. The timezone is unclear but most likely it is PST seeing as Valve is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The previous Steam record was 8 million from June 29, 2014. Previous to that Steam reported 7.5 ...

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Steam Broadcasting: Competition for Twitch

Steam Broadcasting, now in beta, was announced by Valve today. It is Valve’s hope that the ability to watch friends through the expansive Steam community and game store will claim a large stake of the online game streaming market and provide real competition for Twitch and YouTube. Steam users have been able to watch each other play for a while ...

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