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Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday Deals Start Now

Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday 2014

The Steam Exploration Sale is now live which can only mean one thing for PC gamers: time to break out your wallets! Steam’s Thanksgiving sale starts today and will end on December 2nd. Why is it called the Steam Exploration Sale? The enablers over at Steam will gladly recommend games for you to check out based on the previous titles ...

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ESL disqualifies mousesports from their CS:GO Pro League

The Electronic Sports League, or ESL for short, has decided to disqualify German team mousesports from their Pro League. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is currently involved in a major scandal due to several players getting banned last week for cheating. One of the first players to suffer this fate was Simon “smn” Beck who was banned by Valve’s anti-cheat service and ...

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Steam’s Fall Sale is Coming

Steam's Fall Sale is Coming

Steam’s Fall sale is upon us! Steam’s Fall Sale will begin November 26th and goes on until December 1st. While the details have yet to be confirmed, the news leak comes from PayPal, as the site accidentally sent out an email informing users to buy Steam Wallet Cards before Steam implodes upon itself due to the sales. November 18th has ...

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Valve issues new Steam Early Access rules and guidelines for developers

Recognizing that Steam Early Access is no longer what they intended to be, Valve have issued stricter guidelines and rules that all developers must follow. These rules have been set in place in order to make sure that games promoted and funded through the Early Access program are playable and offer value to gamers who pay for them. Moreover, developers must ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player Hovik “ Kqly ” Tovmassian gets banned by Valve

Just a few days ago we reported that former Alternate member Simon “smn” Beck was banned for cheating in an official ESEA match. Today, yet another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player suffered a similar fate, although the circumstances were a bit different. The player in question is none other than Hovik “Kqly” Tovmassian from team Titan, who was banned by Valve’s own Anti-Cheat ...

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Can Heroes of the Storm hope to compete with the other MOBAs?

The Massive Online Battle Arena genre – better known as MOBA – has been around for over a decade now, but only received widespread awareness in the last few years. As you may or may not already know, the game that started it all was the original Defense of the Ancients, aka DotA. The game was created as a mod for Blizzard’s ...

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Alienware Alpha vs PS4 vs Xbox One: Graphics showdown

In the light of the recent hegemony over the gaming market shared between Microsoft and Sony, a new kid on the block has popped up from under the dense webs of developing labs, in the gaming body of the Alienware Alpha – a console-PC courtesy of Valve. Alienware Alpha is a new breed of gaming platform based on custom modified hardware. ...

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Dota 2: There won’t be a Diretide event this year says Valve


Valve recently announced that Dota 2 will undergo lots of changes once the new Rekindling Soul Update (also known as 6.82) kicks in. This update introduces a new rune to the game, adds some new Arcana items, reworks some heroes and even changes the map for the first time ever. However, this is only the beginning apparently as Valve says that ...

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