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Place your HTC Vive dev kit order now

HTC Vive dev kit order now open for applications

The HTC Vive dev kit can now be ordered by developers for free as the applications page has now gone live. Be quick about applying for your free HTC Vive dev kit, as supply is limited according to the company, but you will be getting a neat little package in the mail this Spring, maybe even as early as Mother’s Day next month. People have known about the HTC Vive dev kit being free for developers for quite some time, but Valve and HTC have taken their sweet time to kick off orders and applications for the kit itself. Today, the platform is finally live and you can now place your HTC Vive dev kit order.

According to the application form that developers interested in getting their hands on the new HTC Vive dev kit have to fill out, they have to have some serious background in order to even be considered for the project. If you’re just an early adopter or a tech enthusiasts who has no plan in mind for what they would do with such a dev kit once it hits their doorstep, Valve will most likely ignore your application. Even though we would like to get our hands on an HTC Vive dev kit ourselves, we have few developers on board who would have the time to work on a neat app or game for it.

But to those developers that are fascinated by virtual reality and are part of a company, apparently, applications are open as long as they have an actual project plan to submit. We’ve no idea the criteria that Valve uses to select those that get the free HTC Vive dev kit in their hands, but we do know that Valve and HTC intend to support content creators with the kit itself being free. Since there’s only a limited number of these free kits available, developers who are interested should hurry up and get their application in there.

The actual HTC Vive dev kit will include the virtual reality headset, two handheld controllers and a base station. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t in? We wish that everyone of you guys placing an order for the HTC Vive dev kits ends up among the lucky ones to actually get one, so good luck to all of you developers out there. Feel free to hit us up with your projects for a test drive! Oh, you can apply to get one of thee kits here. 

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