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Facebook says only 4 in 10 people use the internet

According to a recent study published by Facebook-owned Internet.org, only roughly %40 of people around the world have accessed the internet at least once a year. That’s a surprising number to many people, although many studies performed on the same topic result with similar conclusions. It’s surprising that such a large library of knowledge is accessed by less than half ...

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Digg TV is the new way to procrastinate

Digg, the newly re-branded content curation service has introduced a new feature to their website, namely Digg TV. If you follow procrastinating websites like 9Gag, you’re probably familiar with the new trend of launching video hosting platforms that curate fun content for users. Digg TV is the newest of these services and will definitely take away a slab of your ...

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Lenovo gets a dose of Karma from Lizard Squad

Lenovo has been the target of outrage in the past few days after the Superfish adware has been proven a security liability for many Lenovo computer users. The Superfish adware was injected by Lenovo into its own computers and after users started complaining about the adware and security firms started researching its effects, Lenovo quickly tried to explain that Superfish ...

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WhatsApp Web now works on more browsers

WhatsApp Web is the web application of the popular chatting service that has become the go-to messaging app for many Android and iOS users. Now, the web app’s support has been broadened to include two new browsers, aside from Google’s Chrome browser. WhatsApp Inc have announced today that the web app will be available on both Mozilla Firefox and Opera ...

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Microsoft bringing a slew of new Lumias to the MWC 2015

Microsoft will be a notable presence at the MWC this year, as there are tons of rumors surrounding a supposed new line-up, not to mention Acer already spilling the beans about a Windows 10 mid-ranger it will be bringing to the show. There have been other Lumia phones mentioned in the past, most of which entry-level and mid-range phones, all ...

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Galaxy S6 up for pre-order, free on contract

The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is set to be unveiled on March 1st, ahead of the MWC 2015 official kick-off, alongside its edge-partner, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The fact that the phone hasn’t even been made completely official yet doesn’t stop stores and online retailers from offering the phone up for pre-order to interested customers who want to be among ...

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Apple Watch will be water-resistant, after all

The Apple Watch release date is set for April 2015, just after the hype around the MWC 2015 trade show dies down. One of the big concerns of Apple fans about the upcoming wearable is whether or not it will be a waterproof device. Some fans actually commented that if the Apple Watch wouldn’t be waterproof, they would not be ...

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HTC One M7 gets Android 5.0 Lollipop and a slow data speed

Many HTC One M7 users have been waiting fo a long time to see Android 5.0 Lollipop roll out to their device and time has finally come for that to happen. Europeans should check for updates on their phones today, as the news broke early this morning that carriers would start rolling out the fresh update. The HTC One M7 ...

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Sony launches Xperia E4 with LTE for $146

Sony has just announced the Xperia E4 a few weeks ago, but the company is already announcing a variant of the phone. We’re rather surprised that an LTE version of the Xperia E4 is already ready to be released, but we’re nonetheless glad to hear about it. One of the missing features in the original models was 4G LTE and ...

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One M9 BoomSound speakers more or less confirmed

HTC has more or less confirmed that BoomSound speakers are going to be featured on the upcoming HTC One M9. As Twitter seems to be the best source for spilling the beans nowadays, HTC Ireland and HTC USA have taken advantage of the interest in the new HTC One M9 and have taken to tweeting a bit of information to ...

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