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Cyanogen shines on the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+, with a stylus

Cyanogen is growing out of control lately, as partnerships with Micromax, OnePlus and more recently, Alcatel have resulted in mid-range smartphones that bring forth the customizable, Cyanogen-specific CyanogenMod custom ROMs to the eye of the public. As the company is gaining popularity, more and more OEMs are approaching the team behind CyanogenMod to “pre-load” their custom ROM on new devices. ...

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Xiaomi launches new smart home products and action camera at MWC 2015

Xiaomi, one of the few Chinese smartphone companies that have managed to gain international praise for their cheap, yet high-end smartphones, is not just a company that makes phones. Xiaomi demonstrated that today at the MWC 2015 show, where it showed off new smart home products, created around Marvell’s new chipset designed specifically for IoT. The motto of Marvell is ...

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Sony’s SmartEyeglass is not meant for entertainment, or consumers

Sony’s new wearable, the Smarteyeglass, is one of the best augmented reality-oriented devices that we’ve seen on the market in the past few years. Google Glass Explorer has had a big impact on how we perceive smart glasses, but Sony’s Smarteyeglass take AR to the next level. The augmented reality glasses are even less stylish than Google’s own offering, but ...

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Lenovo is changing their future policies as Superfish fiasco takes its toll

Lenovo and its Superfish have been widely popular on every website, social media network and Youtube channel you can imagine, and the backlash towards the adware that the company installed on its computers is massive. Even though Lenovo tried completely removing Superfish, it failed in doing so in such a way that it would leave computers secure. Microsoft quickly intervened ...

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LG Watch Urbane specs include LTE and 1 GB RAM

The LG Watch Urbane, about which we thought would be a redesigned version of the LG G Watch R, seemingly turns out to be an entirely new piece of hardware as specs of the device were made official today. From what we gather, the LG Watch Urbane will be available in two different versions, one with a 4G LTE connection ...

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Facebook says only 4 in 10 people use the internet

According to a recent study published by Facebook-owned Internet.org, only roughly %40 of people around the world have accessed the internet at least once a year. That’s a surprising number to many people, although many studies performed on the same topic result with similar conclusions. It’s surprising that such a large library of knowledge is accessed by less than half ...

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Digg TV is the new way to procrastinate

Digg, the newly re-branded content curation service has introduced a new feature to their website, namely Digg TV. If you follow procrastinating websites like 9Gag, you’re probably familiar with the new trend of launching video hosting platforms that curate fun content for users. Digg TV is the newest of these services and will definitely take away a slab of your ...

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Lenovo gets a dose of Karma from Lizard Squad

Lenovo has been the target of outrage in the past few days after the Superfish adware has been proven a security liability for many Lenovo computer users. The Superfish adware was injected by Lenovo into its own computers and after users started complaining about the adware and security firms started researching its effects, Lenovo quickly tried to explain that Superfish ...

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WhatsApp Web now works on more browsers

WhatsApp Web is the web application of the popular chatting service that has become the go-to messaging app for many Android and iOS users. Now, the web app’s support has been broadened to include two new browsers, aside from Google’s Chrome browser. WhatsApp Inc have announced today that the web app will be available on both Mozilla Firefox and Opera ...

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