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New AT&T Service Offers Low Flat Fee For International Use

AT&T logo

Cell phones and other mobile devices are a key part of almost everyone’s lives, with usage and features increasing each year. Many people feel naked without their phone, and having the device available for anything from looking up information to serious emergencies is a big priority. For international travelers, using cellular data outside of the country often comes with enormous ...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Top 5 issues you need to know about

Galaxy S6

If you’re planning on buying the new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you should be informed regarding the potential issues the new Samsung flagships might come with. Since the phones have been out for awhile now, it’s easy to form a more solid opinion about the phones based on user feedback. There’s an abundance of both positive and negative ...

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AT&T customer records sold throughout call centers


Technically, AT&T is not at fault for this customer records data breach, but the call centers that work for the service providers, Nonetheless, AT&T has been fined a record $25 million, which according to the FCC is the largest sum ever fined in a data breach and customer privacy case ever. According to the FCC, over the past year, AT&T ...

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Galaxy S6 Active release date pegged for May 2015


The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is a pretty big deal right now, but many are disconcerted by the fact that the new flagship is not waterproof, it doesn’t have a removable battery, nor a microSD card slot. These issues might be mended by the Galaxy S6 Active, the ruggedized version of the new flagship. According to a user agent profile, ...

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BlackBerry Passport coming to AT&T soon


AT&T and BlackBerry have confirmed at CES 2015 in Las Vegas that the carrier would be selling the new BlackBerry Passport soon enough. Since that date hasn’t arrived yet, we are speculating that since we’re at the end of January, a February release by the American carrier would be appreciated and likely. The BlackBerry Passport has proven its worth in ...

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Exclusive BlackBerry Passport redesigned for AT&T: nothing new

AT&T and BlackBerry are prepping an exclusive version of the BlackBerry Passport for launch

An AT&T exclusive BlackBerry Passport is in the works from the company, touting a refreshed design that won’t be as rigid as the original model. BlackBerry & AT&T decided to collaborate on a new BlackBerry Passport that will be found exclusively in AT&T stores, but if you are wondering whether customers of the carrier will get some special functions, better ...

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iPhone 6 Sales Erode Android Market Hold

The iPhone 6s larger size appeals to consumers

The iPhone 6 came surging ahead with robust sales that put Apple on track for having a “record quarter” according to the latest three month figures ending in October 2014. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, a WPP market research firm, released their figures on Apple’s spike in sales. The Strategic Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech explains, “Apple has experienced a huge ...

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Apple SIM will be locked to the AT&T network

Apple SIM will be locked to the AT&T network

AT&T has made a move that isn’t appreciated by anyone at the moment. According to AT&T, Apple SIM in the new iPad Air 2 will be locked to its network as soon as you register with the carrier. One of the biggest pull factors of Apple SIM is that anybody with an iPad and Apple SIM can choose their own ...

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AT&T locks Apple SIM cards that are activated on their network


Apple launched a very interesting new product during their recent iPad press event, although they failed to actually mention it at the conference. The product in question is the Apple SIM, a universal SIM card that works with a number of different carriers. What’s interesting about it is that it allows its users to select their carrier of choice by picking it from ...

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