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Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare’s Biggest Launch Ever

With the genre of RPGs becoming ever more popular today, Dragon Age: Inquisition was a huge success for BioWare, creator of the Mass Effect series. It became the most successful launch in BioWare history with more than 113 million hours spent exploring the single-player world in Dragon Age: Inquisition. BioWare also included that more players are joining each day. The ...

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Jump Festa Reveals Square Enix’s 2015 Lineup

Jump Festa Reveals Square Enix's 2015 Lineup

Jump Festa’s official website has revealed Square Enix’s game lineup for this year’s expo. The list features two popular Square Enix franchises, as well as the sophomore release of one of their latest franchises. The games will come in the forms of trailers, demos, and part of Square Enix’s stage at the expo. Here is a list of what games ...

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Dragon Age Inquisition Dialogue too Black and White

Dargon Age Inquisition Dialogue too Black and White

Bioware have always been well accomplished at allowing their players to make their own choices, in dialogue and gameplay. The first thing  that I noticed with Inquisition is that the dialogue is limited in the choice that it offers the player. You have the standard good, bad and neither dialogue options (without the paragon and renegade options) but they’re so ...

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Dragon Age – Inquisition Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Bioware has been on some pretty thin ice with their last few games. We’ve seen controversy after controversy from Mass Effect 3 to their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. I believe I am not alone when I say that Dragon Age: Inquisition was something I approached with caution. I barely looked in to the game after the entire Dragon ...

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Dragon Age Inquisition Review Roundup

Dragon Age Inquisition was released yesterday and we would like to give you a general idea of what to expect if you should decide to jump into the world of Thedas. GameRankings has a 88.15% consensus, while Metacritic has a 87 metascore, which translates to being generally favourable. If you were to use Rotten Tomatoes system, it would say that 92% ...

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Bioware unveils Dragon Age Inquisition’s “first fully gay” character

Bioware RPGs are well known for featuring characters of all sexual orientations and Dragon Age Inquisition is no different. A few days ago the company revealed Dorian, a Tevinter mage that was said to be the “first fully gay” male character of the series. While this new character seems like a great addition to the companion lineup, the company’s statement managed to raise ...

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5 great Free Games for Android you should play!

Let’s face it, a huge chunk of the gaming industry lies in mobile gaming. That piece of the pie gets bigger and bigger each year, and sadly, a lot of mobile games (be it for Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry) are downright terrible. There are certainly exceptions too, and if you’re tired of seeing people play Temple Run 2 or ...

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Mass Effect 4: Things we should and shouldn’t expect

It’s not exactly a secret that Mass Effect 4 is currently one of the most anticipated games of the year. The follow-up to Bioware’s highly acclaimed space-faring trilogy has been the subject of rumors for a long, long time now. This is not surprising given the fact that details regarding the upcoming title have been very scarce until now. This article is ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Alpha has begun, new screenshots

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition announced a couple of days ago that the game has now entered the Alpha testing phase. He also confirmed that DA:I will be present at E3 and while he didn’t say if it will be playable or not, we believe it’s very likely that it will be. We have declared Alpha! A ...

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