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Evolve Gets A Free New Arena Game Mode

Evolve came out a few months ago, and while some people took issue with the DLC that was dumped out on the first day, the game was still good. Offering a life-or-death hide and seek game mode in this asynchronous PvP game was ingenious, and feels good on both sides. While some people love Evolve’s unique feeling of tracking down a ...

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Evolve: How to Get Started


  2K Games’s new asymmetrical cooperative/competitive online shooter Evolve, is a grand new leap into the online shooter realm. Because of its steadily immersive gameplay experience, Evolve manages to create a world that blends together both tried and true ideas of other asymmetrical concepts with new and unexplored gameplay elements unseen in a lot of co-op shooters. I feel that ...

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Evolve Review – You Better Run

Evolve Review Cover

I came, I saw, I conquered in Evolve. Evolve is an experience some may want to skip out on, with its odd DLC and Pre-Order structure, it may feel like an incomplete game to some. Evolve has had a lot of hate thrown at it in the Past few days, none of which have anything to do with the actual ...

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Are DLC-heavy games like Evolve hurting the gaming industry?


For years I’ve been trying to figure out where the term DLC popped up within the gaming industry. It’s certainly not a term I’ve grown up with gaming through the 90’s. Initially, I’ve heard people using the term, not even knowing what it represented. Then, learning that it stands for Downloadable Content, I’ve kept wondering “how is it different than ...

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Turtle Rock discusses Evolve and the need for DLC

Evolve DLC controversy

Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve is shaping up to be one of the best new IPs of 2015 and that’s exactly why it’s so sad to see it afflicted by the DLC curse that already killed a lot of potentially great games. Following a couple of recent announcements, gamers who were eagerly anticipating the upcoming title are quickly starting to realize that simply ...

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Evolve Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic Released

Evolve has completed develpoment

Evolve is the upcoming shooter featuring asymmetrical multiplayer from developer Turtle Rock Studios. The developer has now announced that the game has gone gold, and has released the game’s opening cinematic as well. Turtle Rock Studios has announced that their upcoming title Evolve is ready for manufacturing. To help celebrate, publisher 2K Games has released the game’s opening cinematic, which can be ...

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Evolve’s Next PS4 Test Begins January 17th

PS4 players will be able to test Evolve on January 17th

Evolve is an upcoming shooter with asymmetrical multiplayer. The game will be holding an open beta for the Xbox One version. At the same time, though, it seems that there will be some PlayStation 4 testing as well. Starting January 17th, Evolve will be holding a small technical test on the PlayStation 4. Players can expect faster matchmaking, improved balance, and ...

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