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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date, specs and features leaked


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is supposedly the next compact tablet from the South Korean smartphone giant and rumors say that the company will follow in the lines of Project Zero and completely redesign the device. Samsung is reportedly aiming to compete against Apple’s iPad offerings with the Galaxy Tab S2, as reports from SamMobile state that the device will ...

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iPad Air 2 Gold specs, release date and price rumors

iPad Air

The iPad Air 2 has been rumored as the latest Apple release coming this month with the company supposedly releasing a gold version of the iPad Air 2. The iPad Air 2 specs, release date and price have been rumored around for quite some time now and we’re anxious to see Apple’s plans come to fruition. The iPad Air 2 ...

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iPad Mini 2 vs. Asus Vivotab Note 8

Tablets are not the most popular devices you can think of, but they still manage to cough up a lot of revenue, with Apple leading numbers with the iPad Air and the iPad Mini series. Other companies like Google, Samsung and Amazon trail behind with releases like the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab S and Kindle Fire HDX. Asus ...

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iOS devices will be seeing Virtual Reality with AirVR

Since Oculus have introduced their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on Kickstarter, many distinguished brands have been trying to take a shot at this futuristic device market. Sony launched their Morpheus Project recently, Google its Cardboard Project, while Samsung its Project Moonlight. The latest addition to this popular crowd is an independent design studio based in Toronto, called Metatecture. They’ve ...

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iPad Air set for October release, iPad Mini for 2015

Apple’s launch event on September 9 brought us the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the announcement of the Apple Watch, HealthKit and HomeKit platforms, but there were a few things missing from Tim Cook’s presentation, namely, the tablets. The tablet market is increasing day by day with new releases ranging from convertible and hybrid tablets to full-blown gaming units. We ...

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iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 to be announced on Oct. 21

We haven’t even fully recovered from Apple’s September 9 launch event where we got to meet the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and HealthKit, yet Apple might be sending out invitations for a new event to be held on October 21 already. These are just rumors at the moment, but word has it that a launch ...

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Why not to buy first generation Apple products

The newest smart creation from Apple is their Apple Watch, and it’s been one of the talking points of past week’s tech media. Tim Cook has announced that the gadget will be available somewhere around early 2015, so those loyal Apple fans will have to wait a little bit longer. Since it was presented to the public, there have been ...

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Apple is launching its new iPad and iPad Mini

Apple is preparing to reveal its newest iPads sometime this quarter, or at the beginning of the next, as Bloomberg suggested in a report. The production of the full-sized iPad has already begun, but as the same report stated, the company may have encountered some problems. The idea of a next quarter launch was backed-up by a statement that suggested ...

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GameVice snap-on controller announced for iPad Mini

Wikipad are bringing a snap on controller to the iPad Mini called the Gamevice. The MFi controller attaches to the Apple tablet, bringing more traditional gaming controls to the tablet. The full specifications include dual analog sticks, triggers, a d-pad, four face buttons and shoulder buttons. From looking at the picture you will probably have noticed the similarity between the ...

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iPad Mini Retina vs. Xiaomi Mi Pad – Premium small tablets

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced it’s first tablet, and it seems to be aiming for the iPad Mini Retina fans, with similar form factor, screen and with a beefed up hardware. We’ve decided to do a little theoretical comparison between the two, to see which one could win in a face-off, at least on paper. While the iPad Mini Retina has been ...

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