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Netflix Shoots Down Reports Of Pre-Video Advertisements

Netflix advertising

According to a Vice article posted on Monday, the popular subscription-based television and movie streaming service, Netflix, was investigating new business models that included advertisements.  The advertisements were not expected to be present on all videos or to consist of sold advertising slots. The program was alleged to only be applied to first party content produced by Netflix (House of ...

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Live Action Legend of Zelda Show Could be a Reality


It’s like “Game of Thrones for a Family Audience.” This is how an anonymous source described a potential Legend of Zelda Live Action Television show to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, the TV Streaming giant Netflix is working with Nintendo in hopes of making it happen, allowing everyone’s dream of watching Link and Zelda go against Ganondorf in the trappings ...

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BlackBerry 10 OS comes with new Android apps this Fall


Starting this Fall, BlackBerry users will have access to a slew of apps from the Amazon AppStore when they upgrade to 10.3. These include Candy Crush, Netflix, and Pinterest among others. “Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for ...

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Amazon launches a free streaming music service for Prime members


Amazon has launched a streaming music service called Amazon Prime Music. The service offers access to more than a million songs and hundreds of playlists according to the company. This service is for Prime members only, but comes at no additional cost to them. This is something that’s being wrapped into the Prime service, not somethings that’s standalone. There is also no ...

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Microsoft will refund Xbox Live Gold subscriptions


With the changes in Xbox Live policies that will debut in June, Microsoft decided to reimburse anyone who bought an Xbox Live Gold subscription and wishes to cancel it. This decision was made to better align the services with the new developments. Apps don’t require a Gold subscription anymore, so anyone who wants to back out of that and still ...

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Microsoft announces Games with Gold for Xbox One


Along with the announcement that the Xbox One will start shipping without Kinect, Microsoft also revealed the Games with Gold program for the new console. Every user that has a Xbox Live Gold subscription will receive two games for Xbox 360 and two games for Xbox One, starting next month. The first two games that will be offered for free ...

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