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Live Action Legend of Zelda Show Could be a Reality

It’s like “Game of Thrones for a Family Audience.” This is how an anonymous source described a potential Legend of Zelda Live Action Television show to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, the TV Streaming giant Netflix is working with Nintendo in hopes of making it happen, allowing everyone’s dream of watching Link and Zelda go against Ganondorf in the trappings of prime-time Television a reality. Netflix already has several hit TV shows under their belt, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, but if they manage to produce this show, the Legend of Zelda television series would be the first video game related live action show produced exclusively by the company. It would certainly stand in line with the Marvel shows they already have in production, though.

That said, there are a few snags. First, the team is allegedly looking for a writer, so production of this cukool could take a very long time to cook. Second, there’s no telling if Nintendo will pull the plug on the project before a Legend of Zelda TV show can even get that writer, so the final word is still up in the air. Third, no Nintendo or Netflix spokespeople have contacted the Wall Street Journal after their initial report, so there isn’t any more information concerning the subject outside of its initial announcement.

Still, this would be the first official Legend of Zelda television outing since the 1989 cartoon tied with the Super Mario Brothers Super Show (well, and that one Captain N episode), and the only Live Action project that got any consideration from Nintendo since the Link to the Past rap commercial in 1991. Regardless, gamers and game magazines are already weighing in on the possibility, and it’s not out of the question that we may see more information on this development sometime soon.

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