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Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Announced


Shovel Knight is a game that was a bit of an indie darling in 2014. Backed on Kickstarter, was released to extremely positive reviews as well as commercial success. It has since then been ported to nearly every major gaming platform, including the 3DS and PS Vita. Yacht Games, the developer of Shovel Knight, kept the fanbase alive by releasing ...

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Pokemon Stars is rumored to be a Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG


It is known that each pokemon generation has certain core games, Generation I had Red and Blue, Generation II had Gold and Silver, and those core games are usually followed by a sister game that is essentially an improved version of both, like Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Crystal. Consoles can also get Pokemon RPGs that feature battles and a continuous adventure, like ...

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Nintendo Switch could get new 3D Mario as launch title

3D Mario Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch captured the attention of the general public successfully thanks to a captivating trailer. The Switch combined an innovative concept with a selection of games that looked surprisingly good for a first trailer: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 ports, Skyrim Special Edition; it got people talking, to say the least. ...

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Nintendo Switch: More Rumors Circulating

Nintendo Switch console and controller.

A few more rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch are circulating online, and are said to be sourced from someone that works for a large retailer. According to some of the rumors, the Nintendo Switch will be available at launch in two different packages. Supposedly there will be a basic package for $299 and a bundle version for $399, though nothing is ...

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Rumors say that Nintendo Switch launches on March 18th

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo held its cards for a long time when it came to revealing its new console, the Nintendo Switch, but everything seems to indicate that it ultimately worked. YouTube views of the first Nintendo Switch trailer are now higher than the most seen Wii U trailer, and general opinion regarding the Switch seems to be fairly positive, with people agreeing ...

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New Mario Game Coming to Nintendo Switch


In Nintendo’s preview trailer for their new console the Switch, formerly known as the Nintendo NX, the company debuted footage of a new Mario game. Alongside glimpses of Skyrim running on the Switch, as well as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon, around the two-minute mark in the trailer you can spot some gameplay of the currently untitled Mario game. While ...

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Nintendo Releases Official Details About It’s New Console!


Today, Nintendo imparted the first official details about their new console, the Nintendo Switch with a three minute video. The first major announcement revealed is the console name, up until today, the project had been going under the name “NX” but it is instead it has been aptly named the Nintendo Switch.  As people speculated, the Nintendo Switch  is a console/mobile ...

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