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Sony shifts the goalposts as the Switch nears the lifetime sales of the PS2

In February, Nintendo announced that the Switch family had reached a milestone of selling over 139 million units since the original console’s release in March 2017.

After nearly two months, it’s quite likely that sales have now exceeded the 140 million mark. This puts the Switch in a good position to potentially surpass the PS2’s 155 million units, with only 15 million more units needed to achieve that milestone. Correct?

Actually, not quite. In a recent episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast, former CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, shared some interesting insights about his time at the company. According to VGC, one noteworthy finding was that the PS2 has sold an impressive 160 million units. By current estimates, the Switch is still about 20 million units away from claiming the title of the best-selling console of all time. Feel free to listen to Ryan’s comments at the 14:52 mark in the podcast itself.

Considering Ryan’s role at Sony during his tenure, it’s highly unlikely that this number is arbitrary or unsubstantiated. The production of PS2 consoles continued until 2013, although Sony ceased providing sales figures in 2012. It’s quite possible that the PS2 was able to increase its sales by an additional 5 million, bringing the total to 155 million.

It’s worth noting that the PS2 had an impressively long lifespan. Originally released in March 2000, the fact that production ceased in 2013 is a testament to its impressive 13-year run on the market. After being on the market for more than 7 years, the Switch continues to hold its ground. If Nintendo decides to keep it around as an affordable choice even after the next console is released, we believe that reaching 160 million units sold is definitely achievable.

However, the outcome of the console battle holds little significance for Nintendo. Nevertheless, it would be a gratifying achievement for the company to reach such a significant milestone, especially considering the disappointing performance of the Wii U.

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