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Should Sony’s PS4 fear the Xbox One?

Xbox One vs PS 4

It feels as if Xbox One has been playing catch-up with the PS4 ever since Microsoft shot themselves in the foot in 2013 with their announcement of DRM security and anti-piracy policies for the console. They declared that they would prevent lending or trading-in games and would disable offline play-before backpedalling due to a humungous gamer uproar.  The consumer response ...

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Ryse: Son of Rome will show its best on a powerful PC


Ryse: Son of Rome, the third-person action adventure title, will be coming on PC this October 10th, almost one year after the game was released on Xbox One. Crytek worked around the clock to create a PC version that will be highly rich in graphics detail, with a bunch of customization options, so that the player will be able to ...

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Xbox One games are nowhere to be found on the top 20 charts in Japan


The Xbox One finally launched in Japan last week and brought with it 29 titles for the Japanese people to enjoy. Microsoft previously stated that they are confident in the console’s success in Japan, but it looks like success doesn’t come after just one week. A major Japanese retailer who posts weekly charts comprised of the top twenty best selling ...

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Ryse: Son of Rome gets another batch of PC system requirements


Last week, Crytek had released the official system requirements for its upcoming PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome, specifically targeting those who plan on running it at 4K resolution. Now, the developer has taken to Steam to assure pretty much 95% of the PC crowd that they won’t really need a 4GB video-RAM graphics card to perfectly run Son ...

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Ryse: Son of Rome PC release date and system requirements revealed


Crytek announced earlier this year that Ryse: Son of Rome will stop being an Xbox One exclusive when it will arrive to PC this Fall. We haven’t heard a whole lot of details since then, but it appears the game silently made its way to Steam recently complete with description, release date, system requirements and more. According to the Steam ...

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Crytek is considering Ryse 2 and maybe PS4 availability at some point


Yesterday publisher Deep Silver and developer Crytek have announced that the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome will also be coming to PC later this year. There has been many speculation regarding the reason for this decision but ultimately it seems that the company just isn’t happy with the Xbox One sales anymore. Crytek went through a lot of ...

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Ryse: Son of Rome heading to PC later this year


Publisher Deep Silver announced earlier that the action-packed Ryse: Son of Rome will grace the PC later this year. The game shares a similar story to Dead Rising 3 as both were released back in November for the Xbox One and both will be arriving for PC this Fall. Naturally, this means that they will feature a fair share of improvements ...

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Report says Crytek isn’t paying staffers; Ryse 2 cancelled


It looks like Crytek might really be in trouble after all. Sources who spoke to Kotaku say that the Crysis developer has been losing staff, not being able to pay employees, and cancelling projects due to financial and management trouble. The sources, reportedly unnamed employees, claim that some staffers have not been paid in months, and others have only been ...

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Crytek denies that the company is in financial difficulty


Crytek have moved to deny rumours that they are nearing bankruptcy. Speaking to Eurogamer a spokesperson for the company said: “”Regardless of what some media are reporting, mostly based on a recent article published by GameStar, the information in those reports and in the GameStar article itself are rumors which Crytek deny. We continue to focus on the development and ...

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