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Has OnePlus delivered another flagship killer?

The original OnePlus One was released last year with much acclaim. With a title like ‘flagship killer’ and premium specs, it’s easy to see why. It shared the same snapdragon 801 processor found in smartphones like the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, as well as a 1080P resolution 5.5″ panel. The difference between the original OnePlus and its ...

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Oppo N3 release date, specs confirmed

oppo n3

We had previously thought that September was a month packed with new releases that wouldn’t be outdone this year.But it seems that October will be just as busy, with the HTC Double Exposure event, the iPad Air launch event scheduled for October 16, the Nexus 9 event set for the same date as Apple’s upcoming show, the Nexus 6 and ...

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ZTE ZMAX mid-range cheap and powerful phablet

ZTE has just unveiled the ZMAX, a mid-range phablet that can compete with many new mid-range phones from Lenovo, HTC, Lumia, Alcatel and even Sony. The ZMAX promises to be a powerful and cheap device which will fit right into the mid-range category phablet-sized smartphone. With all the new releases from various OEMs this fall, ZTE felt that it cannot ...

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Snapdragon 210 introduced for entry-level devices

Snapdragon is among the most popular CPUs for current flagships, mid-range and entry-level devices. Qualcomm has announced that it will pe upgrading the Snapdragon 200 CPU with the Snapdragon 210 CPU fit for entry-level devices. Snapdragon 210 offers multimode 3G/4G LTE and LTE Dual SIM configurations for less the price. The Snapdragon 210 will provide LTE connectivity fully integrated with 4G LTE-Advanced ...

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Windows phone launched by BLU

Blu has been targeting users who are looking for cheap and powerful phones and has promised two Windows phones to be launched by the end of the year. One of them has already arrived in the form of BLU Win JR. You can already get your hands on this phone from either Microsoft or Amazon for $99 and $89 respectively. That’s ...

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Meizu MX4 vs. Galaxy S5: beauty or the beast?

Since the Meizu MX4 has come out, people have been wondering whether it is more worth its money than the Galaxy S5 is. Not that either phones are beauties or beasts for that matter, but if we take things out of context, Samsung is a more trustworthy company that many more people know about compared to Meizu. Nonetheless, a comparison ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 priced and already for sale

Mistake or not, the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 was recently listed on an Indonesian online shop, believe it or not, with a price and some interesting specs. After being revealed in some leaked pictures just the other day, the Galaxy Note 4 appears to be already for sale today, costing IDR 9.499.000, or around €600. In most cases, whenever the price ...

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Nokia Lumia 930 goes on sale worldwide this week

The flagship Windows phone from Nokia has started to be released to various regions of the world. Further release of the smartphone will continue over the following weeks in Asia and some countries in Europe such as the UK on July 17. Microsoft’s influence over the Nokia brand is starting to show off not only with the release of this ...

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LG G3 and G Vista release date might be delayed at Verizon

Despite the fact that Verizon did not announce an official release date for the  LG G3 and G Vista, the two smartphones are being prepared for customers. It is very likely that Verizon will launch the LG G3 later than the 17th of July. Leaked photos appeared on Evleaks, hinting at an August the 7th release date, not the 17th ...

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