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Wearable artificial kidneys waiting for FDA approval


Wearable technology has made some great advancements lately, infiltrating in the medical technology field as well. New gadgets like heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, breath analyzers, DNA analyzers, scopes and the like have been brought into the wearable market and promise to offer easy monitoring of health metrics. The newest development in medical wearable technology are the wearable artificial ...

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Amazon expanding to the wearable and home automation market


Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites out there and the company has started developing its own electronics for consumers since 2007. We’ve seen the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage, along with the Fire phone and Kindle Fire HDX. It seems that Amazon is going to try its luck with another two markets: wearable technology and ...

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Cross Country smartwatch is a miniature smartphone


Smartwatches are all the rage now, and even though they’re not the top selling gadget on the market, they’re still the top searched for gadget, at least. Device like the Moto 360, Apple Watch, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, Sony SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk and Asus ZenWatch are the talk of the town, with the Moto 360 ...

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Timex Ironman One – the smartwatch you wouldn’t expect


The smartwatch, and generally the wearable technology market is expanding day by day, with new releases and announcements popping up offering various new or re-vamped features users can enjoy. Some offer notifications, others offer fitness tracking and others offer 3G and GPS, whilst there are smartwatches that can incorporate all the high tech features you can think about. The Timex ...

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Sony Smart Glasses look actually promising


Lately, we’ve seen a marked increase in wearable devices, with new smartwatches, fitness bands, health trackers, medical devices, smart glasses and virtual reality headsets popping up at every corner. Sony has already unleashed a SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk which were quite popular and advanced, but the Sony Smart Glasses have just surfaced recently and they look actually promising. Google ...

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Google Glass competitor Epson Moverio is a cheap alternative


Google Glass has had many tech enthusiasts pretty excited at the prospect of using a more simplified version of augmented reality through the digital glasses. Even though Google Glass is still considered to be in development, there have been many updates and improvements to the glasses so they can be more user friendly and practical. Nonetheless, many are skeptical or ...

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Intel Developer Forum Highlights

Intel Developer Forum

The Intel Developer Forum 2014 is a trade show for Intel products and products that were created based on Intel hardware. This year’s Intel Developer Forum was held between September 9 and 11 and had exhibitors from all around the world showing off their gadgets. This year’s forum focused more on wearable devices and wireless technology, with a notable smartphone absence. ...

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Smart helmet comes with augmented reality features


We’ve discussed the use of wearables in the work environment before and decided that wearable tech is not only suitable for the workplace, most of all it’s useful, like the Smart Helmet developed by Daqri promises to be. Wearable technology like smart glasses and smartwatches have been most popular in the past and those are the ones we’ve proposed for workplace ...

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Apple to purchase Beats Electronics


Apple is close to obtaining Beats Electronics and save HTC from financial collapse. It seems like HTC had a controlling position in Beats Electronics but decided to sell its stake after watching its market share and prices fall. If HTC is actually in desperate need for the $3.2 billion Apple is willing to give, this transaction would be a breath ...

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Google Glass now available for more people


Great news for those of you who want to purchase the newest and hottest accessory, Google Glass, the internet connected eyewear that has been sold only to a select group until now, will be available for more people. Google Glass is the most obvious example of wearable technology, devices that are expected to become widespread within the next few years. ...

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