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Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows Phone spotted in the wild


Microsoft announced a surprising partnership with Xiaomi, starting with enhancing the Xiaomi Mi4 with Microsoft’s own Windows Phone ROM. The partnership means that users who choose to, will be able to flash a Windows Phone ROM onto the Xiaomi Mi4, a feature which will most likely expand to all Android smartphones in the future. Until now, Windows Phone came pre-installed, ...

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Xiaomi Mi4 officially launched for only $325 in India


The Xiaomi Mi4 is the successor of the Xiaomi Mi3 and while the handset has been on the Chinese market for almost a year now, the company just launched the device in India today. The launch event didn’t bring anything new to the tablet, save for the regional introduction of the Xiaomi Mi4, pricing and availability information. According to Xiaomi ...

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Xiaomi Mi4 battery drain reports prompt for fix


The Xiaomi Mi4 is one of the best smartphones on the market, with hundreds of positive reviews filling up forums and websites all around the world. Even though Xiaomi gets a lot of its design inspiration from Apple, the company still managed to create one of the best and cheapest flagship devices in 2014 in the form of the Xiaomi ...

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Xiaomi Mi5 design and specs leaked, phablet FTW

The Xiaomi Mi5 is supposedly the flagship device Lei Jun was talking about earlier, saying that it would be unveiled and launched in January 2015. While the Xiaomi president didn’t mention anything about the flagship being a phone, we’ve two contenders for the spot: the Xiaomi Mi5, whose design and specs were leaked today and the Redmi Note 2. Seeing ...

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iPhone 6 vs Xiaomi Mi 4 – Apple vs Apple of China

Xiaomi has been dubbed the Apple of China, and with good reason since the company has launched many high-end phones on the Chinese market which have been quite well-regarded all over the world. The iPhone 6 has just been launched by Apple and made record sales on the first day it appeared on shelves. Many people enjoy flagships that can ...

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Meizu MX4 Pro leaked

The Meizu MX4 has left us impressed after its launch about a week ago,  boasting monster specs and high quality build. Even though Meizu just launched the Meizu MX4, the company is already rumored to be working on a follow-up device, the Meizu MX4 Pro. Meizu MX4 scored a record on Antutu benchmark with both the processor models we’ve heard about, Samsung’s Exynos ...

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Meizu MX4 vs. Xiaomi Mi4 – which is better?

Meizu MX4 versus Xiaomi Mi4 battle for power

Meizu and Xiaomi have become the two smartphone giants in China in the past few months, overcoming the sales of companies like Apple and Samsung with their flagships, namely the Xiaomi Mi4 and Meizu MX4. Both of these devices offer high-end specs at prices you can only wonder at. Meizu and Xiaomi are the main competitors in the mobile industry ...

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Choose your smartphone wisely: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Xiaomi Mi4

The time has come to acknowledge one of the recent flagships that has stirred interest word-wide coming from China: the Xiaomi Mi4. Since no smartphone on the market can be reviewed completely unless compared with another from its own category, we’ve chosen the Samsung Galaxy S5 as the Xiaomi Mi4’s competitor. Both flagships are top selling devices in the U.S. ...

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Xiaomi MIUI 6 revealed – beta testers wanted


Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Xiaomi MIUI 6 for August 16 and many have been hyped about the update which will be based on Android Kitkat. After the launch event, the company has called for beta testers to apply. The MIUI 6 will be a new Android firmware and advertises itself as “visually stunning and stunningly simple” and ...

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