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PlayStation enthusiasts are expressing their excitement and concern over a questionable rumor about a portable PS4

There is a rumor circulating on social media that Sony may be preparing to launch a new handheld device capable of playing PS4 games directly. However, it is important to note that this rumor has not been confirmed. It seems that the information originates from a lone Russian social media account and has gained significant attention from gaming media, resulting in thousands of retweets. The story has not been verified.

There are rumors circulating about Sony’s plans for a new platform that resembles the PSP. This new platform is said to have compatibility with the entire PS4 library as well as “select” PS5 games that have been patched to support it. Following a surge in handheld interest, with popular devices such as the Steam Deck and the ROG Ally capturing the attention of avid gamers. Rumors have been swirling about Xbox potentially adding a handheld device to its lineup.

Although there is considerable enthusiasm among dedicated gamers, it is important to acknowledge that these devices have not achieved exceptionally high sales figures. Valve has reported selling “multiple millions” of Steam Deck devices, which is projected to be slightly over three million units by the conclusion of 2023. These sales statistics are far from impressive.

It seems that this rumored portable PlayStation would not have any software specifically developed for it. Instead, it would only be able to play existing titles released for the PS4 on the PS Store. In our opinion, this proposition lacks the necessary appeal and fails to convince us that it aligns with Sony’s current focus on promoting PS5 titles.

In light of the extensive buzz surrounding this rumor on the internet, we can confidently conclude that it is highly unlikely to be accurate. PS Portal has demonstrated the viability of a handheld device in Sony’s product lineup. Despite initial doubts from fans, it has exceeded sales expectations. PlayStation is likely to further refine this concept in the future, rather than investing in a costly, power-hungry standalone device.


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