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Concord’s PS5 and PC release offers an impressive array of six thrilling modes right from the start

Concord, the upcoming PS5 and PC hero shooter from developer Firewalk, is set to be priced at $40 upon release. This seems like a reasonable price considering the game will include 16 characters, 12 maps, and six fully-fledged modes right from the start. However, you might be wondering what those modes actually involve? Luckily, the PS Store has unveiled everything.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll be doing in Concord on launch day:

Trophy Hunt: Collaborate as a cohesive unit to locate and gather tokens from defeated members of opposing crews. The team that accumulates the highest number of points emerges victorious in the match.

Takedown: Score points by strategically eliminating opposing freegunners in every round alongside your crew. Victory goes to the crew with the highest score.

Zone Control: Players must strategically capture and maintain control over three zones located on the map. Controlling more zones will earn your team more points and bring your crew closer to victory.

Conflict: Discover the designated zone on the map and protect it with all your might to secure a glorious triumph – or swiftly eliminate the opposing crew before they even have a chance to retaliate.

Signal Hunt: Collaborate with fellow players to discover and dominate uncharted territories on the map before the clock runs out.

Cargo Contract: Whether you’re securing valuable cargo or intercepting and eliminating rival crews, the ultimate goal is to bring home the victory.

Although the modes may have unique names, you’ll find that many of them are quite familiar. For instance, Takedown can be likened to Team Deathmatch. The twist, naturally, lies in the gameplay mechanics of Concord. As a hero shooter, each character possesses distinct abilities, requiring careful consideration of your crew’s composition to unlock their full potential.

The beta is scheduled to launch in July, preceding the release in August. It is evident that the beta will play a crucial role in conveying the strengths of Concord’s gameplay. So far, Firewalk has faced significant challenges in countering the predominantly negative sentiment among fans online.

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