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Lara’s Belated Inauguration

lara croft golden joystick awards

  Lara Croft : An Immortal Gaming heroine Finally the busty tomb-raiding goddess of every 90’s boy’s polygon fantasies is to be inducted into the Golden Joystick awards Hall Of Fame. Lara Croft will be an exception, becoming the first fictional character to do so, eclipsing the swashbuckling efforts of iconic gaming characters of the past such as Super Mario ...

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Rockstar : The Legacy

rockstar retrospective

There’s More to Rockstar Than Meets The Eye With the red dead teaser hot of the press, and the hype skyrocketing into overdrive, I’m going to delve back into Rockstars dark and shady past like a trench-coat wearing film noir detective investigating the seedy criminal underworld, and uncover the games that I believe have gifted them the rich reputation, and ...

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Bethesda Leaks New Skyrim Footage

bethesda releases redesigned skyrim footage

Bethesda Teaser gets tongues waggling With the launch date for the new Skyrim reboot just a whisker away, Bethesda has decided to wet our ravenous appetites with a sumptuous teaser from the creators of this epic fantasy saga. Live with youtube gaming has released an exclusive taster on the 20 October showing off what’s in store with the latest installment ...

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Watch Dogs 2 New Teaser Released

new teaser for watch dogs 2

  Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Showcases Its Free-Roam Pedigree   The Publisher of Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft have released a new tantalizing teaser for their next cyber-punk, tech fest installment to one of the most anticipated games of this year. As you probably already have gathered, Watch dogs 2 is set in the sprawling, bustling and expansive concrete jungle known ...

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The last of Us : Remastering a masterpiece

the last of us remastered

With an invasion of remastered titles sweeping the planet, What made The Last Of Us Revamp so great? When Naughty Dog unleashed it’s spell-binding title The Last Of Us, way back in 2013 for the PS3, No one could have expected the raucous reception and glowing reverence that this game would go on to achieve. Scooping up countless awards and ...

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Final Fantasy 7 Remastered : What Can We Expect?

will final fantasy vii cater to fans

Will the Final Fantasy remake break loyal hearts or cater for a new generation? At last year’s E3 convention, Sony announced to the world the remodeling of an immortal classic from square enix, Final Fantasy VII was to receive a reboot. Much to the euphoric, rapturous ovation of the onlookers there that day, ever since its press release the game has ...

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Office Suite apps. The Top 5 for android 2016

top 5 office apps for android 2016

Here is a definitive list of the best free office apps available on android. With proliferating technological advances, coupled with the hustle and bustle of modern day life, a dramatic shift in the way we interact with software has been cultivated. Now the focus of advancing the more traditional ways of accessing our desktop, or laptop from the home is ...

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Top 5 Shooters for Android 2016

  Come Get your military grade, adrenaline fueled trigger happy kicks with our top 5 Android shooters. Its guns galore! Forget forking out Hefty sums of cash for A+++ Console codswallop. Android games offer instant gratification at the touch of a button, can be experienced on the go in the seemingly hectic, frenetic lifestyle of modern times, and seamlessly fuse ...

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Inside review: Evoking what lies within

Sinister, Ominous and Unnerving. Inside is an unsettling, mood  altering masterpiece. Inside is the highly anticipated follow-up release to the critically acclaimed indie title Limbo, developed and published by Playdead studios. Inside is a 2D side scrolling platform adventure, in which you follow the escapades of a juvenile protagonist avoiding a myriad of dangerous perils and pitfalls whilst interacting with ...

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Split Screen Gaming : Farewell to a bye-gone Era

Whatever happened to our split screen gaming escapades? With the emergence of online gaming and the constant bombardment of downloadable content, or online starter packs drip-fed into our overloaded brains, has the onus of games and the gaming demographic shifted towards a egomania-driven landscape based on self absorption? Have we lost touch with, or simply abandoned the traditional playing styles ...

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