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How to Stop Being a Noob in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike started as one more modification of the mythical Half-Life, but soon became one of the most successful multiplayer FPS on the planet. The latest version of the game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, remains one of the most popular games on Steam. Although the game has a good tutorial, it’s no wonder that more than one player not accustomed ...

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Lessons that New Games Can Learn from the Classics

Now that you’re all grown up, you probably don’t have time to play games anymore. But, playing games probably taught you important lessons. Don’t believe me? Here are the six life lessons you can learn from playing video games. Cheating isn’t fun after some time For little kids, video games are really hard. Turning on “Cheat mode” makes gameplay so much easier and a ...

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Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive Mod Beta Released

Modder Z00L released the beta for his Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive Mod on December 25.

Counter-Strike was born as a mod, and now modder L00T aims to unite the qualities of the original Counter-Strike 1.6 mod with those of Global Offensive in his recently published beta, Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive.   L00T’s original plan was to take the CS:GO engine and recreate CS 1.6 inside of it. However, as the project took shape, he realized that ...

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Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday Deals Start Now

Steam Exploration Sale: Black Friday 2014

The Steam Exploration Sale is now live which can only mean one thing for PC gamers: time to break out your wallets! Steam’s Thanksgiving sale starts today and will end on December 2nd. Why is it called the Steam Exploration Sale? The enablers over at Steam will gladly recommend games for you to check out based on the previous titles ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets campaigns thanks to the Operation Vanguard Access Pass

Earlier today, Valve introduced Operation Vanguard, an expansion of sorts to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that features new maps, missions and even campaigns. That’s right, Valve is finally adding campaigns to the game, although they will be a bit different that those usually found in RPGs for example. Operation Campaigns consist of a series of missions that reward players with Operation ...

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Top 5 most popular eSports games right now

In recent years Electronic Sports have become ridiculously popular even among people who weren’t much into gaming before. I’ve dabbled in competitive gaming on more than one occasion and I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to see that we live in a time when it’s finally being taken seriously. But things are not equal in the world ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting an ESL league system with $50,000 prize pool

ESL is finally implementing a league system for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $50,000 on the line per season. Each season will feature three different competitive leagues: the ESL Pro League, the ESL Major League, and the ESL Open League. This system is very similar to what other eSports games have but I’ll give you a quick rundown in case you’re not ...

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CEVO Season 6 prize pool announced

CEVO opened the registrations and announced the prize pool for the eSports competitions that will take place during Season 6. While Season 5 featured $19,635 in prize money, in Season 6 we’re seeing an increased of over $4,000 for a total prize pool of $24,100. In addition, the prize pool has the potential of getting even bigger thanks to CEVO’s community ...

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Dota 2 Patch 6.82 changes revealed


Valve announced that they are bringing a big update to their famous multiplayer battle arena game, Dota 2. The update contains features based on the feedback received from players and on design tests over the course of this year. The update is brought to players in the form of Patch 6.82. It will contain a lot of changes, rebalancing and ...

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Valve released the Steam Discovery Update

Valve announced that they have launched the Steam Discovery update, which introduces new functionalities and features meant to optimize the Steam shopping experience. Among the new features, users will notice that the redesigned Home page brings Recommendations, Curators and Customization to the forefront. This update is coming as a response to the growing number of games that become available on ...

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