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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 – Unending rivalry


This year the battle between Korean rivals Samsung and LG was pretty back and forth, but ultimately I would have to say that the former managed to win overall thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S5 on the other hand couldn’t match the LG G3, which was considered by many to be the absolutely best smartphone on the market ...

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The Last Guardian still in the works, likely a PS4 exclusive


The Last Guardian is one of those games we keep hearing about from time to time through various rumors that don’t actually tell us anything specific. So, in an attempt to keep up with this tradition I present to you another such rumor, although this time around there’s actually a bit of real evidence to back it up. Game creator Fumito ...

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HTC One M9 rumored to have a Windows Phone version


There have been all sorts of rumors and speculations regarding the HTC One M9 flagship smartphone lately, with most of the chatter revolving around the device’s alleged specs and release date. However, the latest such rumor talks about something very different and suggests that the upcoming handset will have two variants, each with a different operating system. One of the ...

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God of War 4 confirmed by develper Santa Monica Studios


God of War 4 was confirmed yesterday at the PlayStation Experience event by Santa Monica Studios’  Cory Balrog. Although he didn’t mention that particular name, Balrog was heard saying during a panel that “yes, we are making another God of War.” Interestingly, it seems like the creative director wasn’t actually supposed to reveal the big news just yet based on what Santa Monica ...

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Microsoft is hosting a Windows 10 consumer preview event in January

Microsoft already unveiled the highly anticipated Windows 10 back in late September, but word has it that the company is planning yet another press event for January. While a technical preview of the operating system has already been released and is still available for everyone to try out, this event will showcase something much different. Sources close to the matter have ...

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Valve details the Nemesis Assassin Dota 2 event

Valve managed to upset a lot of Dota 2 players a few months back when they announced that there won’t be a Diretide event this year. Perhaps in an attempt to make it up to us, Valve created a new and very different event that’s unlike anything they’ve done before. The Nemesis Assassin event was first hinted at in the recently ...

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