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You Can Re-sell ESO for Consoles


There was a bit of a scare recently for those that are awaiting the release of ESO for consoles. Perhaps more so for those that were going to wait awhile and attempt to grab a used copy of the game on the cheap. This is one of the perks of console gaming. People waiting for ESO for console may have heard about ...

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Will Bethesda be showcasing Fallout 4 at E3 2015?

Fallout 4

With another E3 closing in on us, fans of the Fallout series are once again looking towards the event with hopes of seeing more Pip-Boys and less…well, anything else really. It’s been 7 years since Fallout 3 graced us with its presence, and New Vegas, great as it was on its own, did little to satisfy our hunger for exploring ...

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Elder Scrolls Online To Go Free To Play

Elder Scolls Online free to play PC/MAC March 17 2015

Zenimax and Bethesda have come to a decision to make Elder Scrolls Online free-to-play on PC and MAC begining March 17, 2015 and in June 9 they will launch ESO on Xbox One and Playstation 4 (ESO on consoles will be free-to-play also).   According to this anonymous source, there are reports that are surfacing internally that going free-to-play will be ...

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Will Bethesda bring Fallout 4 to GDC 2015?


As 2015 begins, we’re restarting last year’s frustratingly unanswered question – is this the year Bethesda is finally releasing Fallout 4? We’ve eagerly awaited the Fallout 3 and New Vegas sequel at most game conventions last year, hoping that Bethesda would drop the bomb at GDC, E3 or even Quakecon. None of these things happened, and in all honesty, they ...

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Elder Scrolls Online Removed Six-Month Subs

Six-month subsciptions were removed from Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is the MMORPG version of the hit RPG series. Elder Scrolls Online is subscription based, but now ZeniMax has removed one of the subscription options that gamers had. On the Elder Scrolls Online forum, a player noticed that the 180 day subscription was no longer available. The topic was brought up by ZeniMax on the game’s French forum, which ...

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Elder Scrolls Online: Update 6 Coming Soon

Elder Scrolls Online New Mastery

Elder Scrolls Online has had a busy launch year and are already on their 6th major patch. It is rather crazy to see just what they have all done this year. You can see all of that on the Elder Scrolls Online official site, where they have shown the road the game has travel thus far. Elder Scrolls Online has ...

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Zenimax introduces a Champion System to Elder Scrolls Online


Zenimax will release a new Champion System for Elder Scrolls Online. According to the developer, this system is completely changing the end game progression. The Champion System, as Zenimax describes it, is a horizontal progression system that intends to remove the Veteran ranks that players can achieve after hitting level 50. This way, players are put on a much more ...

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The Elder Scrolls Online preparing for console launch admits layoffs

Elder Scolls Online free to play PC/MAC March 17 2015

An unannounced number of Zenimax Studios employees has been laid off earlier today, the developer announced. All those people were working on the Elder Scrolls Online, but apparently they were no longer needed. Zenimax reminds everyone that this is perfectly normal in the case of most MMOs and ESO is no exception. The studio had to hire a large amount of developers to ...

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