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Zenimax introduces a Champion System to Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax will release a new Champion System for Elder Scrolls Online. According to the developer, this system is completely changing the end game progression.

The Champion System, as Zenimax describes it, is a horizontal progression system that intends to remove the Veteran ranks that players can achieve after hitting level 50. This way, players are put on a much more level playing field, yet people who spend a lot of time in the game will still have an advantage over non-veterans.

If you already have a Veteran Rank, you will not lose your skill points once this feature is removed. Furthermore, in order to level things, those who haven’t achieved Veteran Rank 14 yet will have enough skill points alloted so they could upgrade their character to this rank.

Players who will reach level 50 will be granted access to the Champion System, where they can obtain Champion Points. Until then, those who are currently at Veteran Rank 14 can already collect these points, as the game has a tracking system that is checking their progress. You get the Champion Points by collecting XP. Once you have a point you can place it in a constellation of your choice. The sky is split in three sections: The Warrior, The Thief and The Mage. Each section has three separate trees in them that you can add points to. Furthermore, each tree has four abilities to select from, meaning that there are 12 options per constellation.

In other words, through the Champion System, Zenimax is trying to extend the life of Elder Scrolls Online, giving players something new to play for, since a lot of ESO  fans have already reached the maximum level and are playing the game just for fun. For now, the Elder Scrolls Online Champion System is not available to the general public, but Zenimax is going to put it up on their Public Test Server soon in order to receive feedback from the users and perfect it.

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