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YouTuber finds secret DLC area in Destiny

A Youtuber found out how to get to a secret area in Destiny. Apparently, this area was not supposed to be accessed until the release of “The House of Wolves” DLC, which is set for next year.

We are living in a time when YouTube gameplays are essential to the industry. Some let’s players even manage to get millions of views, which is actually free advertising for developers, since the people who watch the videos get to know about the game. There are also YouTubers who are trying to discover all kinds of secrets in their favorite games. One of these is Nowise 10, who, as I stated before, managed to find a way to access “The Terminus”, an area that Destiny players shouldn’t have accessed until next year’s DLC.

The video explains how to get to The Terminus area pretty well (you should read the captions, they are very clear). You need to start patrol on Venus and go to the Citadel. Once there, head into “The Juncture” hallway, get rid of the enemies and jump onto the walls and into the gravity lift as shown in the video. Nowise 10 goes on showing players how to get to the three Ghosts they can pick up, which is basically the only thing that can be done in The Terminus until the DLC comes out.

If you are curious about the new area, you should probably try getting there as soon as possible since Bungie most likely knows about it or is about to find out about it soon and patch the game. Until “The House of Wolves” comes out next year, players will be able to experience another Destiny DLC this December. It is called “The Dark Below” and, according to Bungie, it will have its own story, featuring new competitive and cooperative missions.

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