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Mod support for Fallout 4 on Xbox One announced at E3

Fallout 4 Mods

In a historic move, Todd Howard announced at the Microsoft press event that when Fallout 4 releases on Xbox One, mods that are developed and released on the PC will be able to be used on the Xbox One, for free. Alongside the typical in game trailer featuring the player character entering a suit of T-45d power armor and fighting ...

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Fallout 4 E3 News Round-Up

Fallout 4. You knew you were going to see it this E3, and you knew it was going to be great – but I don’t think anybody could have anticipated just what a show the folks at Bethesda had prepared for Fallout 4’s showing at their first E3 conference. This year, we’ve got a massive info bomb for a whole ...

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More Interplay fallout: Van Buren still refuses to die

How Very Van Buren

This week, I came across two pieces of evidence showing that the argument over the best game in the Fallout series has somehow become relevant again. The first: I almost got in a fight with a spotty cashier at a budget Icelandic supermarket on Thursday. I say almost. The guy had a rabid look in his eye that told me ...

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E3 2015 Top 10: the most E3citing games

As I type this, the press conferences of E3 2015 start in 5 days. That’s just  5 days before the world is smacked in its bushy face by another bunch of stilted game execs and designers, shoved onstage to speak in a language they don’t really know, and children faking excitement at awkward family game demos. But, as cool as ...

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Fallout 4 Is Off To A Troubling Start

A few days ago we were treated to the trailer for Fallout 4. We all looked wide-eyed at the mysterious announcement, watching the countdown to the trailer in child-like excitement, and devoted the next day in its entirety to analyzing it. We all love Fallout, and we’ve been waiting for the announcement to the next entry in the series for ...

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Fallout 4 Trailer Released

Fallout 4 Bethesda

Bethesda caught the gaming world by storm the other day when it teased a Fallout announcement on its Twitter. Linking a website that only had a 24 hour countdown along with the classic branding of the Fallout franchise, Bethesda promised us something good to look forward to – and they didn’t disappoint. When the countdown reached zero, it was replaced ...

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Fallout 4: Cinematic Trailer Listed on LinkedIn Profile

War never changes. Rumors about a possible Fallout 4 though? Those kinds of rumors normally last about 10 minutes before someone reveals it was all a hoax. So new evidence for the existence of Fallout 4 should probably be filed under ‘sketchy at best’. A 3D artist called Luis Nieves has posted on his LinkedIn profile that he has completed ...

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Will Bethesda be showcasing Fallout 4 at E3 2015?

Fallout 4

With another E3 closing in on us, fans of the Fallout series are once again looking towards the event with hopes of seeing more Pip-Boys and less…well, anything else really. It’s been 7 years since Fallout 3 graced us with its presence, and New Vegas, great as it was on its own, did little to satisfy our hunger for exploring ...

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