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Can Gaming Before Bedtime Ruin Your Sleep

Ruin Your Sleep

Do you love gaming? If so, then I’m sure that you find it hard switching off that PlayStation, Xbox, or your console of choice before going to bed. Well, you shouldn’t worry as this is a common problem. I’m a passionate gamer too, but sadly, I feel like this is making our country a sleepless society. Therefore, I decided to ...

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The top smartphones for mobile gaming


Mobile gaming has become a huge industry in the last decade. With the younger generation especially being always on the go, many enjoy being able to play mobile games while commuting or whenever they have some free time. Different people enjoy different types of mobile games, some enjoy puzzle based games, some enjoy online casino games, such as MrGreen’s award ...

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Split Screen Gaming : Farewell to a bye-gone Era

Split screen gaming - Still a Fan

Whatever happened to our split screen gaming escapades? With the emergence of online gaming and the constant bombardment of downloadable content, or online starter packs drip-fed into our overloaded brains, has the onus of games and the gaming demographic shifted towards a egomania-driven landscape based on self absorption? Have we lost touch with, or simply abandoned the traditional playing styles ...

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Razer VS Corsair Keyboards.

K70 Lux Gaming Keyboard

Razer is known for its gaming peripherals. Corsair, not so much. Within this Keyboard comparison we will show the differences, the positives and negatives between the Razer BlackWidow Chroma vs the Corsair K70 RGB. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma. I myself use the BlackWidow Chroma and I find it brilliant, it does what I need and keeps my setup looking fresh, ...

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6 Must-Own Xbox One Games


For months I have been eager to piece together a rundown of my personal Top 10 Games of the Generation (thus far) but it wasn’t until I put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard, when I realized that I was unable to even think of this many that were particularly great, let alone good enough to qualify as a “top” ...

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Acer Fighting for the Tech Market


With Sony and Microsoft fighting for control of the tech market, a new contender has entered the playing field: Acer. The Taiwanese hardware company has several big plans in mind. Not only do they are targeting gamers, but they plan on unveiling new wearable products and handheld devices. Last week, Acer held an event in New York City. Most of ...

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Razer launches ForgeTV preorders open starting now


Razer, one of the most surprising companies to come out with a set-top box, has just launched ForgeTV, a third-party Android TV device that is already up for preorder starting today. ForgeTV is getting in on a very competitive market, but one that is still not considered to be saturated, not even close. For those of you who don’t like ...

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Have We Forgotten About the Kinect?


I keep my Kinect in a drawer.  Why?  I can’t find a use for it; there is no reason for me to plug it into the back of my One.  Aside from my random recording sessions or Netflix binges, my Kinect is pretty much gathering dust.Don’t get me wrong, the Kinect is great for voice commands, but the last time ...

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Delays in Gaming: Pros and Cons

Game Release Delays

Delays of your most anticipated games can often be frustrating. A game that you’ve been waiting months, even up to a year for, has been delayed and now you are forced to wait even longer for it to release. Frustration is the natural reaction to disappointment; however, it is important to understand why it is that games get delayed in ...

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#NameYourJunkAfterAGame is exactly what you think it is


Meanwhile, in the world of twitter: #NameYourJunkAfterAGame is a hashtag that’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s currently trending on twitter and oh boy, what a time it is to be alive. If you could name your junk after a game, one game, what game would you pick? Go on, don’t be shy! Women and men alike can join in. A few ...

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