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Acer Fighting for the Tech Market

With Sony and Microsoft fighting for control of the tech market, a new contender has entered the playing field: Acer. The Taiwanese hardware company has several big plans in mind. Not only do they are targeting gamers, but they plan on unveiling new wearable products and handheld devices.

Last week, Acer held an event in New York City. Most of the products they showed off would be coming to the US for the very first time.  Included in the product line was the new Liquid X2 phone and a variety of fitness trackers that would rival Nike and Apple. Now, the Liquid X2 is a combination of  a phablet and phone. It has a 5.5 inch screen, 13-megapixel camera, and a 64-bit  octa core processor. And the fitness trackers contain stress sensors and a touch screen.

According to DigitalTrends, ST Liew, President of Acer’s smartphone group commented on the phone, “The X2 is really really a combination of these good things. And we’ve slapped in there a 4,000-mAh battery. This baby is going to last a long long time.”

Acer also revealed a curved gaming monitor. It’s called the XR341CKA; a 34 inch Quad HD screen with a resolution of 3,440×1440 and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The display even maxes out at 75Hz. According to HotHardware, Jeff Fisher, NVIDIA’s SVP of the GeForce unit commented on the monitor saying, ““Acer continues to showcase its commitment to PC gaming with the introduction of their new NVIDIA G-SYNC-enabled XR341CKA gaming monitor.”

“The preferred choice of PC gamers everywhere is a GeForce GTX GPU, which when paired with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is the only platform to deliver an ultra-smooth gaming experience across the entire spectrum of PC games.” The XR341CKA gaming monitor will launch in September at $1,299.

Jason Chen, the CEO of Acer, wants to offer gamers products that appeal to them. They even want a complete lineup of gaming products.  According to PCWorld, Chen promises, ““This year, every two to three months, you will see new products come out for gaming.” Already, Acer is building a steady relationship with gamers by forming world-wide group named, “Team Acer.” Acer is strictly going to target the hardware PC gamers, which would put them in competition with Dell.

It’s intriguing that Acer makes this move in light of Microsoft releasing Windows 10. Why they waited this long to fully immerse themselves in the gaming market remains a mystery. It will be interesting to see what their line up could offer gamers. Until then, keep an eye out gamers.  More will be on it’s way.


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