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K70 Lux Gaming Keyboard

Razer VS Corsair Keyboards.

Razer is known for its gaming peripherals. Corsair, not so much. Within this Keyboard comparison we will show the differences, the positives and negatives between the Razer BlackWidow Chroma vs the Corsair K70 RGB.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma. I myself use the BlackWidow Chroma and I find it brilliant, it does what I need and keeps my setup looking fresh, neat and tidy. This keyboard comes off with a matte look as to the Corsair metallic, brushed aluminium look. The Razer Chroma software is much easier to use but if you get used to Corsair’s you can make it do a lot more. They both have a thick braided cable which splits into the USB and audio pass through. They both have feet that can raise to fit the way you desire your keyboard to stand. The corsair has designated media keys and some macro keys whereas Razer has very few media functions but 5 macro keys. The Corsair has a higher quality look with no edging to the keys leaving them raised and free. The keys are a tiny bit harder to press down on the Corsair than the Razer. Corsair’s keys have a slightly deeper tone when clicking to the Razer keyboard. The Razer keyboard has a lot fewer dull lights, the Razer ones are a lot more neon. The caps light on the top right is very dim which is a bit annoying because sometimes I accidentally hit it and I do not realize until later. Overall I feel like the Razer keyboard wins this one by a tiny bit with it being cheaper and a lot more vivid with the pass through making it more convenient, for me at least.

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