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Preorder ForgeTV now and you'll get it by Mother's Day

Razer launches ForgeTV preorders open starting now

Razer, one of the most surprising companies to come out with a set-top box, has just launched ForgeTV, a third-party Android TV device that is already up for preorder starting today. ForgeTV is getting in on a very competitive market, but one that is still not considered to be saturated, not even close. For those of you who don’t like Roku, Nexus Player or Apple TV, the ForgeTV is a good third-party option, and it’s relatively affordable.

The ForgeTV price is set at $100 for preorders and shipping should begin on April 29, according to the company behind the set top box, Razer. There’s also a bundle with the Serval controller available for $150. Admittedly, the bundle will only start shipping May 5, but that’s not that far into the future. Razer has unexpectedly launched ForgeTV, as the gaming laptop manufacturer thought that since multi-use devices are so hype, the ForgeTV would be an absolute great addition to its portfolio.


With ForgeTV, you can actually stream games from your PC and use 4 controllers to have a go at gaming in your living room, without having to move things around. As usual, you will be able to watch your shows and movies as well, but ForgeTV is more focused on gaming than on anything else, which is no surprise since this gadget comes from Razer, a giant in PC gaming. ForgeTV comes with a quad core Snapdragon 805 processor, 16 GB internal storage and a lot of connectivity, not to mention Android.

Although streaming PC games is still in the works, you can still use ForgeTV for high-end Android gaming, which is really taking off right now. Even though I’m not a fan of Android games in general, there are thousands of good FHD games that support controllers that I can see myself playing using ForgeTV. The good thing is that the ForgeTV gets a Gigabit Ethernet port and works with standard USB cables and mice. The downside is that Cortex, Razer’s streaming service, is sold separately and that you don’t get a remote so you’ll probably have to use the Android TV app instead. You can preorder ForgeTV on Razer’s dedicated website. 

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