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Microsoft discuss the Kinect and its future on Xbox One.


Since my article about motion controls has been published a few days a go, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has given an interview with Edge where he discussed the Kinect and plans for the device moving forward with the Xbox One. “We’ll continue to build functionality to make it a valuable part of the ecosystem,” was Spencer’s stance was ...

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What happened to Motion Controls?


Christmas 2006, my family and I crowded around the TV after the turkey had been picked clean and watched in amazement as my little brother flailed his arms around hitting tennis balls, and throwing bowling balls, he was having a temper tantrum because I had taken over his brand new Nintendo Wii. It was the first time me or any ...

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Have We Forgotten About the Kinect?


I keep my Kinect in a drawer.  Why?  I can’t find a use for it; there is no reason for me to plug it into the back of my One.  Aside from my random recording sessions or Netflix binges, my Kinect is pretty much gathering dust.Don’t get me wrong, the Kinect is great for voice commands, but the last time ...

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Kinect’s 10% used to improve Shadow of Mordor’s frame-rate

Shadow of Mordor

According to a recent interview with IGN, developer Monolith Productions has used the extra ten percent power unlocked earlier this year by removing the Kinect 2.0 to improve Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s frame-rate on the Xbox One. That said, there is still some confusion over the game’s final resolution and frames-per-second, even to this day. What we know for sure ...

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Xbox One launches next week in China with a lineup of 10 games


The Xbox One was initially meant to launch in China today, September 23rd, but Microsoft decided to push it back just a bit. The company said a couple of days ago that “it needs more time” to prepare for the launch, but didn’t give any further details at the time. Well, it seems that Microsoft managed to sort everything out rather ...

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Xbox One vs PS4: Sony sold three times more consoles than Microsoft in Q1 2014


Sony Entertainment revealed its financial report for the first quarter of 2014, which began in April and ended on June 30. The results were rather surprising, but perhaps not completely unexpected. The company’s revenue from games saw an increase of 95.7 percent compared to the first quarter of 2013. Sony’s Games and Network Services branch managed to generate no less than 257.5 billion ...

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Xbox One sales more than doubled since the Kinect was dropped


It seems like Microsoft’s gamble is already starting to pay off. Last month the company launched a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One for only $400, which put it on par in terms of price with the PS4. Ever since the Kinect was dropped sales have more than double in the US according to “internal data based on retail calendar ...

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Standalone PC Kinect sensor coming July 15th for $200


Today Microsoft began taking pre-orders for the Kinect v2 Sensor, which will become available starting with July 15th. The standalone sensor only works on Windows and can be purchased for the hefty sum of $200. By comparison, the $400 Kinect-free Xbox One doesn’t seem all that expensive now. So what’s with the high price tag? Well, according to the product ...

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The Witcher 3 story, monsters, quests, and endings details leaked


Key details about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s quests, monsters, story, and even the possible endings have been leaked on Reddit and 4chan. Important documents were stolen from a CD Projekt Red employee whose Google Drive was hacked into a few days ago. The files were then posted on various websites including the aforementioned ones and are still there for everyone to ...

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Xbox One launches this September in Japan with 29 games


The Xbox One has been available in North America, Europe, Australia, and Brazil since November 22nd and today Microsoft announced that it will also be launched in Japan on September 4th. The console is already available for pre-order through multiple Japanese retailers and comes in three varieties. The regular Kinect version, the Kinect-free Xbox One, and the Day One edition, which includes Titanfall and ...

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