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League of Legends – How viable is a 6vs6 map?


The not that well kept secret is out! Riot’s next experimental game mode  for League of Legends will be a 6v6 version of the Summoner’s Rift map. Following the trend they have set at the end of the the 3rd season for the popular MOBA game, developers at Riot are bringing a new game mode to League of Legends. This ...

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League of Legends 5.8 patch is out, brings Ashe and Ryze rework


Riot Games has just released another major patch for its popular MOBA, League of Legends. The 5.8 version of the game is now live, and brings a plethora of important changes. Perhaps most notable are the overhauls for two veteran LoL champions, Ryze and Ashe. Both these champions have been around since the beginnings of LoL, and have over time ...

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Enemy Esports Wins NA Challenger Series

Enemy Esports LoL

For the past two months, six of North America’s best amateur League of Legends teams have been competing against each other in the North American Challenger Series. Last night, the season finished as Enemy Esports defeated TDK in a best-of-five match. With a convincing match score of 3-1 Enemy Esports proved to everyone that they really are the best amateur ...

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League of Legends Tournament Removes Restriction on LGBT Players

LoL Tournament

After facing an insane amount of backlash, a League of Legends women-only tournament , called the Iron Solari, has removed its restriction on the number of LGBT players. The e-sports league, Garena Philippines, instated a policy saying that each team could not have more than 1 gay or transgender woman for the entirety of the tournament day. Ironically, Garena said it ...

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League of Legends Scholarships Offered in Kentucky

LoL Tournament

League of Legends is definitely one of the biggest MOBA titles out there. Now, players of the game who attend the University of Pikeville in Kentucky may be able to earn scholarships for playing the popular title. A private, liberal arts college, University of Pikeville will be offering “at least 20 scholarships” to League of Legends players. These League of ...

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Infinity Blade Saga Coming to XBox One


Infinity Blade Saga will be coming to XBox One according to reports out of China earlier this week. Tencent Games, a Chinese investment company that holds nearly half of Epic Games, says that a PlayStation 4 release is a possibility but their focus is currently on XBox One. An XBox One release for the Infinity Blade Saga opens up some ...

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League of Legends New Champion Rek’Sai Unleashed

League of Legends New Champion Rek'Sai Unleashed

League of Legends now has a new champion added to their massive roster. Junglers rejoice! Meet Rek’Sai (or the Void Burrower as she’s also called), an agile and fast jungler who can dart between camps in Riot’s hugely popular MOBA. Rek’Sai can travel underground a-la Bugs Bunny and can deliver attacks from her underground tunnels or escape devastating attacks quickly. ...

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League of Legends getting new tutorial mode


League of Legends developer Riot Games has revealed that the MOBA will be getting a brand new tutorial mode. Intro Bots is an additional co-operative mode that will allow players to learn the basics against bots. The goal of Intro Bots is not just to introduce first-time users to basic gameplay mechanics, such as how to fight and cast spells, ...

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