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Android Cofounder Starts New Phone Company

Feature Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal.

The cofounder of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin, is developing a new company and a “new kind of smartphone”.  This smartphone is reportedly a premium device that has an edge-to-edge display and lacks a surrounding bezel. Rubin’s new company is called Essential, and he’s currently preparing to make a formal announcement and lead the startup as CEO. According to ...

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The Apple Watch: Is it practical these days?


It is doubtless that most people have already heard of the existence of the Apple Watch by now, a device that is intended to revolutionize watches and for some, it is the first time that they have even heard of the smart watch market. Perhaps for some of you, your first question was simply “Why? What can it do?” With a ...

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CNBC Writer Ed Fernandez Declares The Death Knell Of Smartphones


According to Ed Fernandez in an editorial he wrote for CNBC—titled “The demise of the smartphone is inevitable, and necessary”—the smartphone’s days are numbered. Fernandez’s line of reasoning runs the gamut from plausible to specious. While his claims about the narrowing of the smartphone market have plenty of solid ground to stand on, the technology Fernandez claims will supplant smartphones ...

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Black Friday Shoppers Take Down Retailer Websites

Best Buy

Black Friday shoppers who decided to avoid the crowds and shop from home were inadvertently a part of a massive tidal wave of web traffic that took down the sites of the several large retailers today. Best Buy, Footlocker, HP and Cabelas were some of the retailers that were hit hard by a massive influx of holiday shoppers who decided ...

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Sony are disappointed by their mobile sales, will release fewer smartphone models from now on


Sony are no longer happy with their smartphone sales and plan to release fewer models in the near future. The company is currently focused on improving their profits and mobile devices are not exactly helping them with this endeavor unfortunately. The same goes for their TV business as well, which has been struggling quite a bit this year. Sony wants to make both their ...

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HTC Desire Eye vs iPhone 6 Plus


The HTC Desire Eye is officially launched October 8th. It presents strong competition for the iPhone 6 Plus. Having a 5.2 inch screen puts it close to the phablet phones. Although HTC haven’t had a huge market share like Samsung and iPhone, they have consistently put out great smartphones. They were one of the first companies to use Microsoft mobile ...

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iPhone 6 Plus vs Sony Xperia Z3


It’s September and that means the iPhone fever is sweeping the world. Until now, the choice for most people was pretty easy: if you want a small, easy to pocket, intelligently designed and easy to use phone your best choice is the iPhone; if you like bigger screens and more customization, pick any Android flagship. With its latest two phones, Apple made a ...

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Future LG smartphones to have bootloader unlocking


According to a report, LG is planning to offer a safer bootloader unlocking feature to developers, along with a specific server. The company is thinking about bringing bootloader unlocking support to all its future devices, but before doing so, it must terminate working on some fine details. The company is now thinking about what models will indeed come with a ...

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Google gives Project Ara to developers


Creating customizable modular smartphones is probably Google’s most ambitious and interesting project. Called Project Ara, Google’s attempt to bring modular smartphones to the market is now one step closer to reality, because the tech giant has recently announced its intentions to give Project Ara to developers. Google has already accepted some applications from developers, who are more than interested in ...

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