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Star Wars Battlefront: First impressions from the beta


When it was announced that the long awaited sequel to the Battlefront series would be developed by EA, perhaps you were filled with dread, or perhaps excitement, that the makers of the Battlefield series would be focusing on bringing their expertise with large scale infantry and vehicular combat to the Star Wars universe. Now, the wait is over, and we ...

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Do multiplayer only games work?


Between the upcoming Rainbow 6 Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, and Call of Duty Black Ops III for the last generation of consoles, it seems like more and more developers are starting to consider ditching single player campaigns in favor of multiplayer exclusive games. Whereas it was once a practice to tack on multiplayer onto games that didn’t need them, nowadays ...

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Expand Your Toy Box – Disney Infinity 3.0 Lands in August

Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity veterans and newbies alike may need to make a little extra space in their physical and digital toy box! Disney Interactive has announced that the Disney Infinity 3.0 collection will be available on August 30th. The force is strong with this edition, featuring a whole new slew of your favourite Star Wars characters. Originally announced in early May, ...

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Star Wars Battlefront at E3


Powered by Frostbite and developed by DICE, Star Wars Battlefront is promised to be an authentic and unique experience in a galaxy far, far away. From 40 player modes to 8 player small team actions, to dog fighting in X-Wings and TIE Fighters, to single player and split screen modes, authenticity is emphasized on all all models from vehicles to ...

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Star Wars virtual reality is in development


For many people, Star Wars is the be all and end all of the sci-fi fantasy universe. It reigns king of all things nerdy. When new pieces of technology come out, all people can think of is how they can make something related to Star Wars with it. Shooters started popping up in arcades? Take control of the Millennium Falcon ...

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Disney Infinity V.P. shames amiibo shortages


Remember when Skylanders and Disney Infinity were released, and there were little to no shortages of figures? That all changed when Nintendo tossed its red cap in the ring. For a company that used to make toys prior to video games, Nintendo’s done a remarkably poor job with its amiibos. Collectors have to be dedicated to deal with the shortages, ...

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Star Wars Battlefront: What We Know So Far


On April 17th Star Wars Battlefront was officially announced. Since then various new announcements have been made and this is what I was able to find and put together for you: The game is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For graphics junkies, the game is intended to release at 60FPS on both consoles. So, theoretically they should ...

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Star Wars Battlefront: Totally Worth the Wait

Star Wars

Have you seen the latest trailer for Star Wars Battlefront? If not, you can take a look below.  The breathtaking trailer of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront is awesome.  For ten years, we have waited for this game to come out.  We have endured setback after setback, until we faced the grim reality that maybe Battlefront 3 was not going ...

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