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New Assassin’s Creed Teaser and Announcement Date

It seems Ubisoft is ready to announce their next yearly installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Ubisoft has released on their twitter page today an image teaser for their newest game in the series. With this teaser they have also announced the date for the World Premiere for their official reveal on May 12th, at 9am PST. So, fans of the series should ...

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Square Enix Hosting It’s Own E3 Press Conference

E3 2015

Square Enix has hopped onto the bandwagon with Besthesda, and Ubisoft, in providing their own press conference. This is the first time, since 2012, that Square Enix has done this. The last time they hosted a press conference, they were announcing the Luminous game engine. What do they have in store for gamers? So what do we know about Square ...

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Riot teases the next League of Legends champion in new video

Riot has been very busy lately with developing updates, implementing changes, and continuously trying to find ways of lowering toxicity within the community. In addition, the company somehow found the time to also work on new champions for League of Legends. No, I’m not talking about Kalista, who was released earlier this month. The company is working on a very ...

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Deathtrap’s Early Access teaser trailer is here


Independent developer NeocoreGames has released a new trailer for the upcoming Early Access version of its latest title, Deathtrap. This newest sneak-peak gives players a look at the game’s first three maps, various skills, in addition to Deathtrap’s deadly… well, traps. Be clever, be quick, and show no mercy. Deathtrap is a tower-defense game incorporating “strong” role-playing elements. Neocore’s latest ...

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Bioware releases another teaser for their mysterious new project

Have you ever found yourself walking through a back yard and all of a sudden you saw a house sitting in the middle of a smoldering crater? No? Well, the protagonist of Bioware’s latest teaser, “Impact” certainly did. Upon witnessing such a sight one would probably be inclined to call the police or just run home, unless the person’s house isn’t at the bottom ...

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Meet Gnar, the next League of Legends Champion

Yesterday Riot released a video that teases the next Champion to be added to League of Legends. The new addition goes by the name of Gnar and is mostly shrouded in mystery so far. A series of primitive cave drawings describe his story on the preview page and they’re all we have to go on at the moment. It’s certainly nice of Riot to ...

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Bioware working on horror game, more details at Gamescom

Could my eyes be deceiving me? Is Bioware really developing a horror game? Well, it certainly seems like it from the “Nightmare” teaser they just posted on Youtube. The company apparently wants to keep it all under wraps for now and haven’t revealed any further details yet. The video does link to a teaser website but it appears to be offline at ...

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Microsoft teases possible Nokia X2

Microsoft has released a tease for an upcoming phone, which is heavily rumored to be the Nokia X2. An image was posted on the Nokia Conversations site, entitled “Green with Envy”, which contained only the text, “Summer brings out our inner glow…stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we’ve got in store.”, and a countdown timer, which will end ...

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