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Watch Dogs Legion Companion Book – Price, Release Date, Cover

Watch Dogs Legion Companion Book

The Watch Dogs series is set to return early next year with Legion, and it will be shaking things up considerably. The game will be nixing players controlling just one character throughout the game, but instead hundreds of different NPCs. Those wanting to dive into the game’s world a few days prior to release will want the companion book, which ...

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Watch Dogs 2 New Teaser Released

new teaser for watch dogs 2

  Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Showcases Its Free-Roam Pedigree   The Publisher of Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft have released a new tantalizing teaser for their next cyber-punk, tech fest installment to one of the most anticipated games of this year. As you probably already have gathered, Watch dogs 2 is set in the sprawling, bustling and expansive concrete jungle known ...

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Top Five Action Games of 2014

Top Five Action Games has some disappointing stories but great gameplay

Today’s Game of the Year countdown is the Top Five Action Games of 2014 – The year of 2014 was a great one for gamers. While it lacked the grandiose releases of a Grand Theft Auto and two new consoles, it was a solid year overall. Gamers around the world hacked into Chicago, tried to survive against impossible odds, joined each ...

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Flappy Bird – The most popular video game of 2014?


Forget about AAA titles like Destiny, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs, or highly rumored ones like Fallout 4 and Half-Life 3. Heck, forget even the highly anticipated Mass Effect 4 because the most looked up video game this year was none other than Flappy Bird. That’s right, a little mobile game developed by one person managed to spark more worldwide interest ...

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Child of Light Sequel on the Way

Child of Light Sequel on the Way

Child of light, the critically acclaimed game may be getting a sequel. According to GamesIndustry.biz Far Cry 3 and Child of Light creative director Patrick Plourde said that Child of Light was “profitable enough” to continue the series. “It’s not as profitable as Assassin’s Creed is profitable, but it’s profitable enough that we would have been able to fund a sequel,” ...

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Watch Dogs on the Wii U gets first screens, download size, price

Watch Dogs

Publisher Ubisoft’s Wii U version of Watch Dogs has recently gotten its first screenshots out in the wild, all thanks to the Nintendo eShop. Additionally, it has been revealed Wii U owners will need 17.7GB of free space for this latest intellectual property, and if you plan on getting it via the eShop, you should know said version costs $59.99. ...

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Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC probably not coming to Wii U


Just a few minutes ago, we informed you that Ubisoft has recently launched Watch Dogs’ latest downloadable package called Bad Blood. Said DLC features a brand-new campaign alongside a new type of mission, in addition to new weapons, perks, outfits, and a remote-controlled car called ‘Eugene’, which is protagonist T-Bone’s latest creation that can be upgraded with both offensive and ...

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Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC now available, new trailer released

Bad Blood

Publisher Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs’ Season Pass owners on all platforms can now freely download the game’s latest downloadable package, Bad Blood, while the rest can purchase it starting September 30th. To celebrate this latest campaign and all its forthcoming goodies, Ubisoft has also released a new trailer, which you can check out below. “In Watch Dogs Bad ...

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