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Child of Light Sequel on the Way
Child of Light Sequel on the Way

Child of Light Sequel on the Way

Child of light, the critically acclaimed game may be getting a sequel. According to GamesIndustry.biz Far Cry 3 and Child of Light creative director Patrick Plourde said that Child of Light was “profitable enough” to continue the series. “It’s not as profitable as Assassin’s Creed is profitable, but it’s profitable enough that we would have been able to fund a sequel,” going onto say the budget was “a couple of million” dollars.

Child of Light was released in April to rave reviews with its wondrous, fairy tale charm delivered beautifully on the UbiArt Framework (which has given us other great 2.5D Ubisoft titles from the grandiose adventure platformer Rayman Legends and the 1914 World War I set Valiant Hearts) and it would only make sense to follow up on such a success with a sequel. Adding another title to Ubisoft’s artistically stylish engine’s library is a fantastic opportunity for the company to again break away momentarily from their usual releases in the likes of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and most recently, Watch Dogs.

Releasing video games like these are a great way to keep up momentum both financially and creatively in the titles released within the year, not just as a creatively different but as a way to give back to fans of the original game, as it is clearly something those who have played Child of Light are interested in.

Ubisoft was so impressed with Child of Light it solidified the developer as a main team member of Ubiosft Montreal. Patrick Plourde wasn’t keen on doing Far Cry 3 but was told if he did that Ubisoft would give him a shot at the game he wanted to create. I’m sure they are happy with this decision as Child of Light is a game of the year contender and is now a new profitable franchise for Ubisoft.

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