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Worms Battlegrounds Released!

Every gamer has played at least one of the fabulous games of Team17’s Worms series. The turn-based “bag ‘em and tag’ em”, “shoot ‘em up” or better said “Hallelujah-bombing” Worms is back again with brand new content and mildly dirty humor. The new installment, called Worms Battlegrounds was released on June 3, 2014 for the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store for 24.99$. The developers promised a lot for that money as 25 brand new single-player missions were created just for our dirty worm-tastes along with 10 so-called “Worm-Ops” missions which resemble time-attacks. These missions are spread across various major cultural environments such as Viking lands, Japan, Inca Mountains and The Industrial Revolution).

Multiplayer was buffed in this edition as it no longer only supports online play. Team17 also decided to implement Local Area Network gameplay to satisfy ancient fans. Back in the days of Worms Armageddon, online play was a luxury and people had always known the Worms series for their action-packed Local Area Network and Hot-Seat multiplayer modes. Eliminating the possibility to play via LAN in the closest Worms installments was a terrible mistake according to reviewers and Team17 was compared to Blizzard Entertainment – as Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 needed online authentication for their multiplayer modes and certain features to be functional. People expected the Worms franchise to go in the same direction downslope as it was considered to be becoming more and more money-oriented. This idea, however, has been thwarted as the developers implemented LAN again with awesome gameplay fascinations.

The PlayStation 4-exclusive features utilizing DualShock 4 have been deemed very interesting also, as the game has become more and more immersive for those 24.99$. Clan support has been implemented along with a nice leaderboard to enhance competitive gameplay. After the hefty bombardment manifested in single-player and multiplayer, the game still proves to be inexhaustible as it again features the iconic landscape designer remembered from Worms 2 onwards. One can create battle maps on which the players engage in combat, but not only – the builder can add environmental hazards to the map to enhance danger, awareness and suspense such as mines, gravity-controlled water and so on. Since it is out now, dear players, it is your time to spend a few coins and get into the fight: the leaderboard awaits!

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