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The folks who will perish terribly in the new The Devil In Me trailer are introduced

The Devil In Me, a supernaturally bereft slasher, will debut on November 18 as the first season of the horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology comes to an end. A new trailer introduces us to all the happy faces we’ll definitely see cruelly slaughtered at some point. Fortunately, it’s made me aware that Paul Kaye, who is best known for his role as the resurrectionist Thoros of Myr in the Game of Thrones series and for his obnoxious performance as Dennis Pennis in the 1990s, is playing shock doc director Charlie. As you can see in the teaser down below, Kaye’s casual accent appears to match the part perfectly.

The Devil In Me marks the conclusion of season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology.
Charlie is the founder of Lonnit Entertainment, the documentary team examining the eerie Murder Castle also known as the World’s Fair Hotel in Chicago. Five characters will be available for you to control in The Devil In Me, and we get to see what seems to be a potential death for each of them here. Chuck fries. Fehinti Balogun’s apparently decent person Mark is suffocated, while Jessie Buckley’s program host Kate is forced over a roof. Jamie of Gloria Obianyo is fired. Erin is finally eliminated in the dark by Nikki Patel.

Before Halloween, Rebecca played The Devil In Me. She came away unhurt and hopeful that this would be the best game in The Dark Pictures Anthology thus far. Tom Heaton, the game’s director, discussed how H.H. Holmes, a self-admitted serial killer from the 19th century, served as the game’s inspiration during an interview with Alice Bee and Heaton in August. However, The Devil In Me is a little more current, modeling itself after contemporary real crime TV shows.

On November 18, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me stutters onto Steam for £35/$40/€40. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, both new and old gen, will also get it.

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