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EA Confirms Battlefield Hardline Premium At GDC 2015

Electronic Arts has confirmed the existence of the rumoured Battlefield Hardline Premium service. This service will allow fans of the game to gain access to exclusive content and features. The game’s publisher touts four “super” features that will make the Premium service worth the price. Players will be able to unlock a selection of thematic masks with unique gameplay benefits attached to them. Premium players will have access to the gun bench. This will allow players to visually customize each weapon and track kills per weapon. The service’s users will also have access to exclusive tournaments and ladders. Battlefield Hardline Premium will introduce a legendary status that is similar to the prestige system in the Call of Duty series.

The Battlefield Hardline Premium service will feature four expansion packs much like previous entries in the Battlefield series. These packs will feature a variety of thematic maps, modes, vehicles and other content. Criminal Activity is the first expansion pack that will feature highly-destructible new maps with small-time crime jobs. The Robbery expansion pack will challenge players to deal with enemies head on across a key locations. This expansion will be jam packed with major cinematic action. Both packs are expected to become available in Summer 2015. The Getaway expansion will focus on vehicles and high-speed chases. It is expected to become available in Fall 2015. The final pack, Betrayal, puts a rat into the operation, so players will have to decide who to trust and who to put in the ground. Betrayal is expected to become available at the start of 2016. The Premium service will also include a few additional perks: early access to expansion packs, 12 Gold Battlepacks, exclusive personalization items, priority server access and access to double-XP, in-game missions and exclusive in-game events.

Battlefield Hardline is the next entry in the long-running series of first-person shooters. It departs from previous entries with their battle between military forces. Hardline will focus on the fight between the police and criminals. The biggest change from past games in the series is the greatly improved singleplayer campaign. Visceral Games, the developers behind the Dead Space series, are working on providing the best cop drama experience in video games. The teams at Visceral Games and DICE have a lot to prove after the Battlefield 4 fiasco, however a series of open betas were able to allay concerns about the upcoming title. Battlefield Hardline will be arriving on store shelves and digital distribution platforms on March 17th in North America and March 19th in Europe.

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