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Grand Theft Auto 5’s next online update adds flight school and many other changes


Rockstar announced today the upcoming free update for Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer version, Grand Theft Auto Online, and it brings changes to gameplay and the highly demanded flight school. The flight school, as the name implies, offers players the opportunity to learn how to maneuver a combat jet through a number of 10 missions, each meant for a better understanding of ...

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Guild Wars 2 will get a second Feature pack update


ArenaNet has been on hiatus since April, taking a break from releasing any content. Recently, they have resumed their activity and announced their September Feature Pack, its content still to be announced. Numerous changes have been teased by ArenaNet and for now, the developers seem to be focusing more on the PVP content. As stated by the Guild Wars 2 ...

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Steam Store changes coming soon


According to SteamDB, there might be a multitude of changes to the Steam store page. This has been discovered after searching through updates to the Steam Translation Server. The main changes consist in the addition of new content curation options and overhauling the front-page behavior. Also, additional upcoming changes have been revealed, as seen below: Content Curation: this feature allows one ...

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Meta Knight coming to Super Smash Bros.


Today, Masahiro Sakurai, game director at Super Smash Bros., has announced that Meta Knight from the Kirby franchise will join the fight in the upcoming fighting game. Meta knight also made an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii in 2008. Big changes have been announced to this particular character as Sakurai stated on Miiverse: ” Meta Knight’s ...

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Fable Anniversary will be coming to Steam soon


This year marks the 10th anniversary for Lionhead’s Fable, an amazing game that offers players the chance to live and fight alongside their character for an entire lifespan, from early days of peace to stormy ends. Fable has been re-mastered with overhauled HD graphics, a new save system, Achievements galore and will be heading to Steam this fall. The Xbox version of ...

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Smite is coming to the Xbox One soon


Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena game in third person, developed and published by Hi-rez Studios for Microsoft Windows. The game allows players to assume the mantle of different gods from six different mythologies: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan and Norse, and battle against each other in a dynamic, action-oriented environment. Smite has been released in march 25 this year and it ...

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The Eye Tribe – A futuristic device control


Ever since the era of Sci-Fi movies began, mankind was inspired by cinema’s titans like Star Wars or Star Trek where interacting with technology was conducted on a much more evolved level than the physical approach. Movies like these and our need for comfort dictated that we should develop our technology in such a manner that we replace buttons with simple motions of ...

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Live, die, conquer in Archeage


It’s been almost 3 years since XL Games announced their tab-targeting, sandbox MMO, Archeage, and we are finally growing closer to the release, in the forth quarter of the year.  Ever since the game has hit beta in the Korean version, it has been a fan-favorite amongst the multitude of MMOs on the market and it’s no wonder! Archeages’ features ...

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