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Google Keep for Android Wear gets a whole lot better

Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps on Android, and its popularity has migrated over to the company’s Android Wear platform for wearable devices as well. Google Keep for Android Wear has been around for quite some time, but today Google released an update for the app that makes note-taking, list-making and organizing much easier and more ...

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Apple launching new iPod Touch next month

The Apple iPod Touch is due for a refresh and even though many thought that Apple wouldn’t bother launching a new product after the massive success of the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but a new report coming from Apple Insider prompted us to dig deeper. We’ve approached a few of our sources among the community members ...

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Re:Activ Designs: Performance Apparel for Gamers

While I was at the East Coast Game Conference a few weeks ago, I was walking the expo floor and looking at the various vendors that had booths at the event. As the event typically caters more to game developers, I was very interested to see a booth for Re:Activ Designs, which is a company that focuses on creating performance ...

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HTC Vive dev kit order now open for applications

The HTC Vive dev kit can now be ordered by developers for free as the applications page has now gone live. Be quick about applying for your free HTC Vive dev kit, as supply is limited according to the company, but you will be getting a neat little package in the mail this Spring, maybe even as early as Mother’s ...

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iPhone 7 release date rumor round-up

The iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S, nobody is completely sure which just yet, is on its way and a slew of patents already attributed to the new Apple flagship have made the forums boil with excitement over the next big thing. News sites centered around Apple products are overwhelmed with Apple Watch news, as if there was anything more ...

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Windows 10 will block all “untrusted” apps, including ripped apps

Microsoft has announced today that Windows 10 will feature Device Guard, which is essentially a tool for administrators to restrict the installation of malicious software on a Windows 10 machine. The idea behind Device Guard is to prevent malicious software from being installed, but the tool is also targeting untrusted sources in general. The Windows 10 Device Guard feature comes ...

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WhatsApp gets major free to download update for iOS

WhatsApp has just released a major update for its iOS version. The update, among other minor fixes and improvements, brings the highly anticipated Calling feature to the popular texting app. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular apps when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, and now the app has a free calling service to ...

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Nexus X release date set for September 2015 at IFA

The Nexus 6 was not disappointing, per se, but it did come as a surprise for many Android fans. The new Nexus, which is being dubbed the Nexus X once again in the absence of an official term, is coming up fast and Google is already reportedly working with both LG and Huawei for its new line-up. According to our ...

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Google Wireless going live soon, with pay per MB system

Google Wireless as Google’s new wireless service is being dubbed in the media, is set for release very soon according to company insiders. Google Wireless will supposedly revolutionize and even take over the internet, according to various sources and opinions. In essence, Google Wireless will be a service provided by the Mountain View giant with a new or rather unpopular ...

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Better ranking: get your mobile friendly on

Starting tomorrow, Google will introduce its new ranking system for websites that use Google and Google News to get around the internet. Google had announced last month that ranking in search results will be more heavily influenced by the degree of mobile-friendliness of websites, if that makes any sense. Ranking in search results is important for many website owners, as ...

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