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Xbox One will be backwards compatible

List of Xbox One backwards compatibility games revealed

One of the most requested features for what is now considered the current generation of consoles was backwards compatibility, an understandable demand considering how relatively sparse the games library for both the PS4 and Xbox One were at launch. Unfortunately, backwards compatibility was swept under the rug by both consoles until November 12th, when the Xbox One will receive an ...

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Guitar Hero Live Review – Comeback Kid

Guitar Hero Live marks the return of a series that changed the rhythm game genre forever when it began in 2005. After 2010, it seemed like the series was dead. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock launched, but it looked like that was the end of things. Industry experts declared that the era of plastic guitar controllers was over, and we believed them. Now, though, in ...

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Castle Crashers Remastered Review

Castle Crashers was one of the biggest games on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade. Its bright art style, excellent multiplayer, and insanely fun gameplay made it an instant hit. Since then, we haven’t really seen much like it. Thankfully, The Behemoth has seen it fit to bring the glorious adventure into the next generation with Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One. ...

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Xbox Live Games with Gold for September

For the month of September, Xbox Live Gold members can get four games, all for free. It is important to note that if you are playing predominantly on the Xbox One and no longer have an Xbox 360, you can go on Xbox.com and link the free games to your account in preparation of the upcoming backwards compatibility update. Xbox ...

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Xbox One backwards compatibility and more at Gamescom

Just a few months ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be capable of playing certain Xbox 360 games with just a simple update. At Gamescom, a release window for the backwards compatibility update has been announced. Sometime in November, you will be able to play from an initial list of 100 Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One. It has ...

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Xbox Live Games with Gold for August

If you’ve got Xbox Live Gold, here are the games that you can get for free for the month of August, as announced by Major Nelson. Overall, it appears as though the Games with Gold games offered for the Xbox 360 are more enticing than the games offered for the Xbox One, featuring the well acclaimed Metro series. Xbox One ...

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